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The Best Tools to add to Your Next Web Conference

These seven tools can make your next web conference more engaging!
October 9, 2020 • About 5 min. read

Our 7 favorite tools to add to your web conferencing software

Web conferences are the best way to present to large audiences, connect with displaced teams, or do business internationally when travel isn’t possible. But there are some limitations to web conferences that don’t exist in real-life interactions. It can be hard to engage audiences and hold their attention when live streaming. Collaborating across teams becomes complex when you aren’t sharing a physical space. This article explores some tools you can add to your next web conference to solve these challenges.

Engage your viewers

Engaging an audience in real-life is easy, but when communicating through a web conference it becomes much harder. The best web conferencing software comes with built-in engagement features like chat, Q&A, polls, and question tabs. These additional tools can add visual effects to make your presentations even more interesting, or remove distractions.

Add visual effects

Visual effects like removing your background image or changing your appearance can spark interest in your audience and keep them engaged with what you’re saying. ManyCam and Snap Camera are two tools we love for adding visual effects to web conferences.


We’ve written before about ManyCam and its ability to replace and remove backgrounds for your web conferences. It’s one of our favorite tools thanks to cool features like background blurring, background replacement, special effects, and more. The app can be used with or without a physical green screen, but we find that it is most effective with a real-life greenscreen.

To launch ManyCam, simply download the app to your desktop. You’ll have instant access to their background effects, 3D masks, and library of effects and Gifs. The customizable dashboard lets you favorite your most used features and access them when we need them. Keep in mind that you can only favorite three of the features at a time.

Snap Camera

Snap Camera is a free desktop application that lets you place virtual reality filters over your image. Made popular by the social networking app Snapchat, Snap Camera Lenses can enhance or modify your appearance. There are even lenses that you can add to your stream that will use your hand gestures to show comic book style messages on screen. This saves you the hassle of unmuting your mic every time you have to give a one word answer.

You can use Snap Camera without having to download Snapchat. Simply download the Snap Camera app on your desktop device. Snap Camera will sync with your computer’s camera to work with your favorite video communication apps. You can wear Lenses when video conferencing, live streaming, or hosting webinars.

The only hangup we have about Snap Camera is that sometimes when streaming the app fails. This is due to too much strain on the webcam from two apps (Snap Camera and your video communication software) trying to use it at once. This issue is resolved by rebooting, but it is always best to test your software before you go live.

Snap Camera’s virtual reality Lenses are particularly interesting for cases when it is hard to keep an audience’s attention. Educators of young students use Lenses to keep children excited about the learning process. And they can be used in professional settings, like team meetings, to lighten the atmosphere among remote teams.

Improve your audio

Background noises can distract viewers from what you are saying, blurring your message. Luckily, tools like Krisp and plugins such as NVIDIA RTX Voice can remove or soften unwanted background noises.


Krisp is an AI-powered noise cancelling software that mutes distracting background noises during your web conferences. It acts as a filter between your microphone and your video calling application, catching any “bad” noises and letting through only the speech that matters. This filter can recognize and block over twenty thousand different kinds of sounds. Krisp mutes any type of background noises you can think of, from everything to like air conditioners, kids playing, street noises, typing and more.

The best thing about Krisp is that the audio remains completely private. Corporate communication has no risk of becoming public because all of the audio is processed right on your computer. Nothing is uploaded to the cloud.

To get started, you can download the app and select Krisp as your microphone and speaker to mute any distracting noises. Krisp is a desktop app and a chrome extension that you can add right to your browser. It is even available as an iOS app making it possible to filter your phone calls, too.


The NVIDIA RTX Voice is a beta plugin that leverages AI to remove unwanted noises from video communication. With NVIDIA RTX Voice, ambient noises like dogs barking, keyboard typing, or shuffling papers don’t get picked up by the microphone. This makes it easier for audiences to focus on exactly what your saying.

RTX Voice creates a virtual device on your system to filter unwanted noises. To set it up, download the app and install it on your device. You may then configure RTX Voice by selecting the microphone and speaker you want to use, and by turning on the background noise removal for the mic and/or the speakers. Find out more about using this plugin here.

Collaborate with your team

Collaborating with your team during web conferences is easier than ever with tools that help you plan and work together in real time, and gather feedback after your event.

Present what you want

Virtual whiteboards are a great way to collaborate with teammates and visualize ideas.

You can present exactly what you want by adding these tools to your next web conference.


Transform the way your team engages audiences by adding virtual whiteboard tools to your next web conference. Collaborative whiteboard platforms like Miro let you collaborate with your team at the same time, no matter where they are in the world. Miro shows you where your teammates are on the page by tracking everyone’s cursor. And when you activate one of Miro’s attention management features, the whole team is brought to what you’re working on.

We like Miro so much as a tool, that we built it directly into Livestorm. It makes it easy to engage audiences during internal webinar presentations, web conferences, and events. Designers like using Miro to showcase product mockups. And customer support teams use Miro to walk customers through product roadmaps. You can find more about our Miro integration in this post.


An alternative to Miro, Sketchboard is an interactive digital whiteboard designed for teams. Sketchboard helps teams organize their ideas, complete projects, and map out plans. You can add Sketchboard to your web conferences to enhance your presentations with visual messaging.

Sketchboard’s many engaging features can boost team meetings, simplify presentations, and improve brainstorming. Plus, all of your Sketchboard sketches and diagrams are reusable so there’s no need to spend time creating slide decks from scratch. And don’t worry about sharing, your team members will automatically receive the updates.

Gather feedback

Many video communication software like Livestorm have built-in feedback capabilities like polls or chats included in their interface. But sometimes you may find you need additional tools to reach your goals. In this case, Mentimeter can be great for gathering feedback from your team.


Mentimeter is a presentation software that helps you make events, presentations, lectures and workshops more collaborative. You can use it to create presentations and gather feedback in real-time. Mentimeter is easy to use and can be set up without any installations or downloads required. Audiences connect using their smartphones to instantly answer questions, polls, and quizzes during your web conference. You can then Visualize their responses in real-time and present them. Once your Mentimeter presentation is over, share and export your results for further analysis and even compare data over time to measure the progress of your audience.

These are just a few of our favorite tools for hosting great web conferences. Hopefully you found a few to help you engage your viewers, keep their attention during your presentation, and work more efficiently with your teammates.

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