The Top 5 Tools to Collect Insights from Customer Engagement

The Top 5 Tools to Collect Insights from Customer Engagement

A customer engagement strategy tailored to your audience can help you gather insights that will allow you to improve your product.

A customer engagement strategy tailored to your audience can help you gather insights that will allow you to improve your product. Let’s explore why your brand needs an omnichannel customer engagement strategy and why investing in the right engagement tools can boost customer loyalty and produce long-term revenue gains.

What is customer engagement?

Customer engagement refers to the connection between a brand and its customers established through ongoing interactions and conversations. Today, you can engage your customers through interactions across virtual platforms. A genuinely engaged customer is more likely to demonstrate loyalty, bringing in additional revenue for your business.

Why should you engage your customers?

In today’s competitive business landscape, customer engagement marketing has become increasingly important. When customers decide which brands they should do business with, they’re not just considering the price or the product itself. Instead, they want to know that the company will take their feedback into account, reward customer loyalty, and go above and have excellent customer service. Therefore, a robust customer engagement strategy is integral to brand success.

The rise of customer engagement platforms

There are countless apps and tools that businesses can use to facilitate client engagement through various channels. These tools make it easier to interact directly with your customers, answer their questions, hone in on their needs, and provide support around the clock.

1. Chatbots

When a customer has an urgent question about your product late at night or on the weekend, a dedicated customer service representative might not be available to answer them right away. By installing a chatbot on your brand’s website, you can ensure that customers get answers to standard questions within minutes.

When customers know they can expect rapid responses from your brand, you can boost satisfaction and retention. Plus, a responsive chatbot can even convert casual website visitors to customers!

Intercom product screenshot

Intercom is the chatbot of choice for countless businesses. You can easily customize answers based on your customers’ typical questions. Once you’ve launched the Intercom bot on your website, it will analyze questions that it wasn’t able to answer effectively to improve future responses.

2. Survey platforms

If you want to collect and analyze customer feedback quickly, you need a survey tool. By gathering recommendations from your customers, you can improve your products and establish benchmarks for brand development.

SurveyMonkey product screenshot

With a survey platform like SurveyMonkey, you’ll gain access to a wide range of design and customization options, as well as pre-written templates for efficiency. In addition, SurveyMonkey allows collaborators on your team to view, edit, and comment on the survey. The platform also produces helpful data visualizations.

3. Email solutions

Chances are, your customers check their inboxes every day, and with automated email software, you can make sure that they see your brand in their inbox. With an email marketing program, you can test out different approaches to your customer engagement strategy through email campaigns. As you gather data about the customers who have signed up for your mailing list, you’ll be able to streamline your email marketing campaigns and sales funnels to boost conversions.

A/B test example

The automated email marketing app can help you craft effective email messaging for your customers. By analyzing your customers’ preferences, the platform allows you to segment messaging to personalize communication for different groups within your audience. This tool will show you customer interaction analytics so that you can automate specific emails based on their behavior.

4. Customer relationship management tools

Customer relationship management software, or CRMs, can help you align your brand’s sales and marketing strategies by showing you exactly how your customers behave when they visit your website. With this software, you can easily collect a wide variety of customer engagement metrics and simplify communications, creating a more positive experience for your customers and your team.

HubSpot product screenshot

CRM software provides a wide range of functionalities and features that your team will depend on, so it’s important to choose the right software. HubSpot’s CRM program will provide your team with extensive, detailed customer behavior analytics, as well as marketing and sales dashboards that you can easily shift between. You can set up sales sequences to send optimized messages to leads, and HubSpot’s CRM software also includes a convenient booking tool for meetings. Plus, this software even produces daily reports of prospects who visited your website the previous day.

5. Video engagement platforms

It’s hard to write an article about the top customer engagement tools without mentioning video engagement. With a video engagement platform, you’ll be able to build long-lasting personal relationships with your customers. Talking with them face-to-face will establish deeper connections, paving the way for customer loyalty. In addition, video engagement enables you to answer your customer’s questions directly and conduct thorough product tours.

Livestorm product screenshot

A video engagement platform like Livestorm comes with plenty of features to increase client engagement. For example, the chat function supports conversations during webinars and video meetings, and you can also use the live Q&A and polling features to survey your audience. With screen sharing and media uploads, presenters can tailor events to fit their exact needs. And after a video engagement event, Livestorm provides a participation report, complete with registrant profiles and other analytics.

How to measure customer engagement

Customer engagement tools that track analytics make it easy to measure and interpret customer engagement. With dashboards, your team can access analytics concerning your customers’ behavior. For instance, if you host a video engagement event, you can check different dashboards to illustrate data about your registrants, event attendance, attendee interactions, and more.

Today, brands must focus heavily on customer engagement in order to deliver the best possible experience for their customers and cultivate loyalty. By selecting helpful customer engagement tools and directly connecting with your customers to solicit their opinions, you can incorporate these insights into your overall sales and marketing plans to drive results.

Molly Hocutt

Molly Hocutt

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