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February Updates: Replay Analytics, Webinar Promotion

Our recap of the Livestorm product updates, some cool news from the team, and a few tidbits about what's to come!
February 26, 2018 • About 3 min. read

As February is drawing to a close, it's time to review everything we've added to Livestorm this past month, the projects going on outside of the product (SaaSCast is back, yaay!), and give you a glimpse of what's to come next (spoiler alert not necessary 🙈).

February release notes

We've added a few quality-of-life updates to Livestorm.

Registrant profiles

Click on any registrant to get a detailed view of their profile. This includes information they added themsleves, as well as enriched information that Livestorm fetched for you. What company they work for, access their social profile, their country, etc. All good stuff when you need to get to know your webinar participants!

Replay analytics

This one was hugely requested and we knew we had to deliver! So we did :)
Now, you can not only gain some insights about the people who came to watch your webinar live, but also those who decided to save the goodies for later and watch the replay. How neat?

Bonus: This update is compatible with all your past sessions too. This means you can get accurate analytics on your already published replays too!

One connection per credential

File this one in the "the software does less wonky stuff now" category. This update is for our customers sharing one account to access Livestorm.

Before, if you shared an account with a teammate, you had to make sure she wasn't currently live in a room before joining one yourself to avoid kicking her from her own webinar...

Now, if someone is already using the account and in a room, Livestorm will let you know and will ask you to confirm the connection. This will hopefully prevent back-and-forth with your teammates whenever someone wants to prepare or host a webinar.

Improved text editor

Okay, this one was actually from January but we kinda forgot to tell you about it. We changed the tech that powers the text editor to make it more stable, and more customizable for you. For example you can use the easy image upload, and embed video iframes now. How cool!

Livestorm news

We didn't just work on the product this month, so here's more content for you:

SaaSCast is back!

That's right, our webinar/podcast SaaSCast is back for a second season. Gilles will host someone from the SaaS community every month to dig into a specific topic.

We kicked things off with Shubham Sharma, growth at Keymetrics to talk about growing a Business to Developper SaaS.
Spoiler alert: it's not easy, and most of the traditional marketing you'll be tempted to try just won't work with developers.

You can watch the replay on Youtube.

Webinar Promotion Guide

Our clients often ask us "OK, now that I know how to run a webinar, how do I get people to join?". To answer that, we often pointed to 3 or 4 tips and tricks we had under our sleeve.

So we gathered all the tips we had in mind, and now, we can point to 32 WEBINAR PROMOTION TACTICS!!

Use it, abuse it, and iterate over it to see long term results.

What's next

See email statuses

We're going to add an easy way to visualize from your Livestorm admin tab, who received your emails and who didn't. We'll also give you the reason why they didn't receive it. This way, you won't have to guess while prospect X or prospect Y didn't join your webinar, you'll just know.

Team-wide accounts

More than 1 person is hosting webinars in your team? Worry not, you'll soon be able to create a team-wide account and invite as many people as you want to individually manage their own webinars.

Qualify your leads with webinars
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Thibaut Davoult
Growth Engineer @ Livestorm

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