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Product updates

Going Beyond Webinars with Livestorm Meet

The biggest update to Livestorm Meet since it was originally released. Infinite meeting rooms, and much more to come.
May 17, 2019 • About 1 min. read

We started the year by making it easy for organizations to use Livestorm, with Livestorm for teams. Today, we're taking the next step towards making Livestorm the best unified video communication solution for business.

Webinars require planning and are often made for a large audience. Sometimes, you'll want a more relaxed setting, where everyone can speak and the conversation can flow freely. This is why we created Livestorm Meet. Originally, we added Meet as a side product, to see how our customers would use it. The results exceeded our expectations, and soon enough we had received plenty of requests for improvements.

So today, we're giving the biggest update to Livestorm Meet since it was originally released. Livestorm Meet can now be used by teams for online meetings when webinars wouldn't do the trick.

Here's what's new with Meet premium:

Meetings with up to 8 participants (new)

We've no less than doubled the limit of participants that can join a meeting at a given time. This should give more flexibility to your online meetings and should create interesting uses for Livestorm's live video meeting product.

Livestorm Meet for teams with unlimited rooms (new)

Add as many hosts as you want to your Livestorm Meet account. Each host can create as many Meet rooms as they want, where they can invite any of their contacts simply by sharing a link.

Scheduled Meetings (soon)

In the coming months, you'll be able to connect Livestorm Meet with your calendar and automatically create meetings on Livestorm.

For example if you're in sales, that'll make it easy to manage your demo calls. For any upcoming sales call, you'll find a scheduled meeting for it on Livestorm Meet, and your contact will receive the link to join you on the call.

Meeting recordings (soon)

Keep a record of your past meetings, review your sales calls or training sessions to see what can be improved. Go back on your last meeting to refresh your memory. You get it, we'll make it possible to record your video meetings.

Livestorm Meet is a huge step forward in making Livestorm the best unified video communication solution for business out there. We're very excited to see how customers will use Livestorm Meet.

Bear in mind that Meet Basic is still available! With Meet Basic, you can continue to benefit from one meeting room with up to 4 attendees, free of charge 💸 You can check out our documentation for more information.

Since we're launching Meet Premium early before scheduled meetings and recordings, we're giving out a huge discount: -75% for 6 months of Livestorm Meet, with the coupon LETSMEET

So let's meet, and stay tuned in the coming months for more updates ;)

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Thibaut Davoult
Growth Engineer @ Livestorm

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