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How to Build a Customer Education Webinar Program from Scratch

We share our favorite tips and tricks for customer education webinars
February 3, 2020 • About 4 min. read

Customer education shouldn’t stop after the onboarding process. Teaching your users how to get the most value from your products makes for happy customers. And keeping your clients in the loop about new features or updates helps them build their skills as your product evolves. Great customer education doesn’t just teach users, it empowers them. That’s why we think that webinars are a useful tool for any customer success plan. Webinars are scalable, able to be viewed by hundreds to thousands of clients per session. They're also efficient, and can be used in tandem with your other promotional channels. Finally, webinars are really engaging. You can launch polls in the middle of your session, or ask questions and get immediate feedback. Recently we teamed up with Front to talk about how to build a customer education webinar program from scratch. If you didn’t catch the webinar, we’ve included the recording right here!

Launching your first webinar

Your first customer success webinar is sure to go off without a hitch if you follow these guidelines.

Define your goals

Before you start, take a moment to reflect on what your main goals are for creating your webinar. Do you want to build relationships with your clients or establish trust? You can easily accomplish these goals by focusing on the right content (but we’ll go into more detail on that in a second). Your webinar should be a way for you to open a dialogue with your clients.

Choosing the right topic

When choosing your topic, keep the needs of your clients in mind. Addressing their pain points is a good place to start. Picking a topic that provides value for your audience does more for them than just presenting a new product or feature. Use your webinar as a chance to solve their problems. To do so, look back through old customer feedback. You can search for terms that repeatedly come up in the discussions. You could also reference which help docs are viewed the most frequently. These are topics that your customers are hungry to learn more about. Proactively reach out to your customers to see what they are interested in learning with polls or surveys.

& Speaker

Picking your speaker is as important as your topic, so we’ve given it equal emphasis here. Experts can legitimize your webinar and add additional value for your audience. Make sure that co-hosts complement each other by filling in the knowledge gaps that the other has. And don’t be afraid to think outside of the box when it comes to choosing your hosts! Product experts can add value to your webinar by explaining the product roadmap or presenting a new feature. And customers can make great speakers, showcasing how they use your product to be successful.

Tools, Processes & Best Practices

Here are a few of our favorite tools, plus tried-and-true best practices for customer success webinars.


You will want to use a good microphone for your webinar, so that distracting audio does not turn aways any audience members. And as far as your webinar software goes, it will depend a lot on your specific needs. Some companies have very basic objectives and just need a tool that can connect them to their audiences. While others may benefit from more refined tools that have built in automations and can deliver analytics. Whatever you choose, make sure that you are comfortable with the platform.


Before you begin, check your browser connection to see if your microphone and video quality will be high. We’ve developed a built-in connectivity test to help streamline this process. If your connection is bad (like in the d-e range) it’s probably better to record the webinar and distribute it later. A live webinar with a spotty connection is hard to sit through, and you worked too hard on your content to waste it! During the setup is also a good time for you to plan your webinar flow by adding your content and planning where your questions and polls will go. Finally, optimize the time of your webinar for the timezone of your audience.


As a customer success expert, you know a lot about how tone can impact your interactions with clients. In a webinar this is easier as you’ll have the help of sound and video to transmit a light tone and friendly demeanor. Pay attention to your body language to make an engaging presentation. To keep the audience involved, post polls, videos, questions, and photos to break up your text. You can respond in real-time to any questions posted, or wait until the q&a period at the end. This is also where having a moderator on standby will come in handy. They can jump in the chat and help field any questions that you don't have time to answer.

Automate & Measure Success

Customer success depends on a human touch, but it is possible to automate some aspects of your webinar program.

Automate webinars

Your automated recordings might not be the best tool for a customer success education webinar every time, especially if you are helping customers with specific use-cases. But your automatic recordings can be blended with some live techniques to make them a useful tool. You can have someone present as a moderator on your automatic webinars to answer clients questions in real-time. Test what works best for your audience, as some may be more receptive to these techniques than others.


Measuring your success will depend on which metrics you choose to look at. Pay attention to how many people registered for the webinar versus how many people actually attended. Also check and see how many times the recording was viewed. After the webinar check your product metrics to see if those certain features are put to use or if it has changed anything in their product usage. Reach out to your audience and do a touchpoint and get their feedback on the webinar education program.

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