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Protecting your personal data is important for us at Livestorm. As you may know, on May 25 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation, or "GDPR" will come into effect (more information here). We've been preparing for it since launching Livestorm, and we have updated both our Terms, and Privacy Policy, to ensure a handling of your personal data in conformity with this new regulation.

In our Privacy Policy update, you will find information regarding why and how Livestorm handles your personal data, as well as the rights granted to you in this regard.

Click below to read our Terms of Service and our Privacy Policy:

Changes that apply to you, as a Livestorm user/customer:

  • You must opt-in to our new Terms in order to keep using Livestorm. You can choose if you want to subscribe to receive our product updates by email - You'll be asked to review our terms the next time you'll log in to Livestorm. To do it now, follow this link:
  • You can request to delete your account from your Livestorm settings tab. Fill the "account deletion" form and we'll delete your account within 7 business days. Note that if you're a customer, we must keep data for financial obligations under French law.
  • Consent to the new Terms and Conditions from Livestorm is required in all your events' registration forms. Additionally you can add a new custom field to link to your own terms and policies.
  • You can delete any of your registrants from your Livestorm dashboard. This can't be reverted and will delete all the data associated with the participant, forever.
  • A rule for you to comply with GDPR: you must only use our invitation email feature to contact email addresses that previously opted-in. We can, and will, revoke this functionality for customers who don't respect their GDPR obligations.

Changes that apply to your attendees:

  • Attendees need to check a box in the registration form to consent to our Terms and Privacy Policy during their registration to a Livestorm event. This also applies if you use Zapier to handle registrations, you'll need to gather your registrants' consent to our Terms before sending them to Livestorm from Zapier.
  • Attendees can cancel their registration and delete or modify their data by following a link that is included in all the emails we'll send them (confirmation, reminder, etc.).

You can always refer to our dedicated GDPR page where we explain how the European law applies to Livestorm, Livestorm's customers, and any party intereacting with our products.

Don't hesitate to reach out with questions (hello (at) livestorm (dot) co). We're always here to help!

Happy webinars, The Livestorm team

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