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July might be synonymous with Summer, but it doesn't mean the Livestorm platform took a holiday ☀️ Here's the rundown on all the major updates we implemented over the month of July.

Product Updates

Here's a statement I'm sure you'll agree with: Livestorm should be as easy to use as possible! Right? That means creating -and hosting- a webinar should be a smooth experience for you.

So, this won't surprise you: we did our best to improve both those aspects :)

Webinar Settings Makeover 💅

We revamped the Webinar Settings page to make it easier to use and navigate. There is now a menu with all the main settings on the left hand side. This allows you to move back and forth while choosing all the parameters of your next live event.

We also added a live preview of your registration page and emails, straight from the settings. This way you won't have to guess anymore how your colors, background image etc will mesh together.

To note: we'll make a few additional improvements to your webinar settings page in the coming weeks.


Phone Dial-in on Webinars ☎️

That's a big one! Sometimes, your participants may not be able to rely on their internet connection or computer to join the live session. So we provided an easy way for them to dial into the webinar and follow the discussions by phone.

All your participants will need to do is click on the dial-in button, select the country closest to their current location, call the number displayed and enter their personalized code when prompted to on the phone.

This should make your webinars even easier to attend.

More information: How Do I Dial into a Webinar?

Pixel integration improvement 🔬

We simplified the setup for tracking pixels on your registration pages. Check out the article on our documentation for more information: How to Track Conversions on my Registration Pages?

Room reliability improvements ⚡️

As you know, a stable internet connection is a must-have, and a must-check before joining a webinar. Still, any connection can have hiccups from time to time, and ensuring a smooth reconnect is our responsibility. In short: this update goes toward that goal.

Replay direct download ⬇️

A nice quality-of-life update: after a webinar, the room will display a link to download the webinar replay directly.

Note that this link will only be available to the webinar host.

Livestorm news

Hiring update 👋

We're hiring for 3 key roles:

  • Inbound Sales Development Representative
  • Senior Back-End Engineer (Ruby)
  • Product Designer (Intern)

Check out the Livestorm hiring page for more details.

What’s on the roadmap

We've been making big progress on team-wide accounts. It's still the biggest update you can expect in the coming months.

We're also still working on improvements that'll help go over the 500 participants limit 🚀

And that closes the round of updates for this month. Enjoy August, and tune in in Septembre for more webinar-related good news 👋

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