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Product Update: Zapier & Iframes

We pushed in production our very first native webinar integrations with Zapier, some news about iframes, and other exciting stuff.
August 18, 2016 • About 2 min. read

The whole month of August has been super busy (and rainy, in Paris at least). We spent our time building new features and improving our video tech. The resuelt of these efforts is our very first native integration with Zapier! Plus, we'll update you on some other cool stuff. Let’s get to it.

On branch master: Zapier, iframes, email previews and network tests

Zapier integration w/ Livestorm

The Livestorm zap is still beta, which means that you should contact us so we can send you your API key and authorize your account.

We've already been using the Zapier integration at Livestorm, and it's a game changer. It adds so much more value to the webinar workflow and it saves a ton of time.

Here’s the list of the current triggers:

  • When a webinar has ended
  • When a webinar starts
  • When there’s a new attendee
  • When a webinar is published
  • When an attendee joins the webinar room

Want a good idea of how to use this? The next time an attendee signs up to your webinar, push their profile into a Mailchimp list and a Drip campaign.

What’s coming next?

More triggers:

  • When a poll is posted
  • When a poll is answered (and fetches answer)
  • When a question is asked


  • If someone registers on X app (e.g Hubspot) then register the same profile in the next Livestorm webinar.

iFrames: plug any external video source and scale to infinity and beyond

Now you can replace our video tech with a Youtube Live, or a Twitch iframe.

It means that from now on, if you use those platforms as video source you won’t have any browser issue. Potentially we could cover events above 500 or 1000 attendees.

🚨 Important notes though:

  • Those platforms are less UX friendly and require an encoder software to live stream. If you are on OS X try OBS, and on windows try Xsplit
  • There will be a 30 second delay between what you do and what your audience will see
  • You won’t be able to invite someone on stage via Livestorm
  • Youtube Live now requires you to link an Adsense account to your Youtube channel in order to enable iframes

Preview and test notification emails

This is one could come in handy. Want to see how your notification emails will look? Just scroll down to the email section in your webinar creation form.

You now have a preview popup of that email and a link to send a test email to the account owner.

Network test module

Also, did you notice? We added a small module on our registration pages. Now, attendees will know if their system is WebRTC-proof or not. This way your attendees can take action and prevent any streaming issue.

On branch dev: more Zapier and custom analytics tags

In the next few weeks, we will deploy a new version of Livestorm with more Zapier triggers and probably some actions.

We've already built another field in the webinar creation form that enables the injection of ANY tracking code on your registration page.

Let’s say you want to push a GA, GTM or Segment tag on your page. Well, it’s coming.

Ps: also, we pushed a brand new documentation for our app. Go check it out.

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Gilles Bertaux
Co-founder & CEO @ Livestorm

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