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Product Update: Privacy Settings

Improving the app stability and fixing the issues you reported and improving the privacy settings for your webinars.
January 24, 2017 • About 1 min. read

Our features roadmap is getting extremely long and the features requests keeps piling up. However, the process is simple, the more you ask for it the faster it gets here.

This week has been dedicated to two things:

  • Improving the app stability and fixing the issues you reported.
  • Improving the privacy settings for your webinars

Taking care of your leads identity

One thing that we did not expect while building Livestorm were the privacy concerns inside a webinar.

Guilty as charge.

Some of our customers, legal tech startups such as Doctrine for example, wanted to hide the participants tab and protect the identity of their attendees.

Other users are evolving in a very competitive environment and wanted to prevent any kind of interaction between attendees (e.g chat, Q&As etc.).

At first we were reluctant. But we kept getting this feedback, but you have to build what people want.

Plus, it made sense to actually protect our customers interest.

So, this week we shipped some extended privacy settings to help you protect your webinars:

What's coming next on Livestorm? Hint: Avoid Screensharing.

Well, something really cool that a lot of you asked for. It will change the way you present webinars.

Remember when you had to switch between screens? Or needed another monitor?

Well, this is almost over.

In 2 weeks or so, I'll keep you posted with one of the biggest feature for this quarter.

Issues fixed

Better screen height

If you had a stream in focus (e.g your screen sharing), and no other stream turned on you were getting tiny black screen at the bottom. Which was a waste of space.

From now on, if there's only one stream turned on the others will disappear to fit the screen height.

Streams layout bug

Sometimes, when the guest speaker was on focus, the focus layout was not impacted for some attendees. This has been fixed.

Load more on table

Webinar / People table has a load more button. If you searched for an item and then cleaned that search, the button disappeared. This has been fixed.

Check out our new changelogs

Product updates blog posts are nice but we thought that you might want to have a digest inside Livestorm.

So we added this link in your app to display a change log of the app.

Happy streaming and see you in two weeks ;)

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Gilles Bertaux
Co-founder & CEO @ Livestorm

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