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Livestorm's Year in Review - 2019

Some of the best things that happened at Livestorm in 2019.
January 6, 2020 • About 2 min. read

Livestorm looks back

2019 was a big year for Livestorm! Here are the highlights:

Our big news

The biggest news from 2019 was our series A funding round. We raised $5 million with Aglaé Ventures, BPI F31,and RAISE ventures. Going forward in 2020 we’ll focus on steady growth, and moving faster on complicated features. Livestorm has grown from a final exam project to a video communications suite with over one thousand customers. This series A came at just the right time to accelerate our growth!

New updates

We pushed a lot of cool updates this year, focusing on streamlining the app while keeping the design clean. Here are some of our favorites:

Team wide accounts

February brought team wide accounts, making it possible to manage all of your team’s webinars in one place. Multiple hosts acting under one Livestorm account can create, edit and run simultaneous webinars.

Livestorm Meet

In May we released our biggest update to Livestorm Meet yet. We doubled the limit of participants that can join a meeting room, and gave teams the option to have unlimited meeting rooms.

Automated webinars

Automated webinars were released in June, making it possible to create webinars that play at the date and time of your choosing. This update is perfect for when you need to put your webinars on autopilot.

Customized email sequences

We focused on flexibility for September’s update to our emailing system. With customized email sequences you can add as many emails as you want to your webinars. You have the choice of using Livestorm templates or customizing emails yourself with HTML.

Team news

The lunchroom got a little louder this year as we were joined by 15 new stormies! This means a whole lot of new talent, and the reinforcement of a few key teams. We beefed up customer solutions, added some friendly faces to marketing, and created Livestorm’s very first sales team. Plus, we gained a lot of key players for our engineering and design teams. In 2019, 40% of us worked remotely full time (and 100% of us worked remotely some of the time). Livestorm teammates produce music on the side, bike cross country, and travel all over. We like hiring nice, talented people from all kinds of backgrounds😁 You can find all of our job posts on our site.

Fun Facts

We shared some great moments this year, and made some big changes. Here are some fun things that happened in 2019:

  • The Livestorm app now speaks 18 different languages
  • A furry friend joined us in the office 🐶
  • CS and Sales got chatty in 17999 conversations on intercom
  • We got 8 new plants (and always remembered to water them 😉)

Our Clients

This roundup wouldn’t be complete without mentioning you, our customers 😄

You helped make 2019 great. Thanks to you, there were over 60,000 webinars and 31,000 meetings this year. This means that in 2019, Livestorm hosted nearly 4 years of streamed content! Livestorm was international, used by clients in more than 200 countries. Wherever you are, we’re looking forward to bringing you the best video communications suite possible in 2020.

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