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Product updates

March Updates: Livestorm’s response to COVID-19, Reliability

In March, we focused on helping companies answer the Coronavirus outbreak and lock downs around the world, and improving reliability.
April 1, 2020 • About 3 min. read

We Respond to COVID-19

In March, the Secretary of State for the Digital Economy of France, Cédric O, launched an appeal to French companies capable of helping to deal with this crisis.

Livestorm has always been committed to facilitating remote communication through video conferencing and webinar technology. Our solution can help companies continue their operations remotely, despite the difficulties posed by COVID-19.

Which is why we joined other french tech companies in offering our services for the duration of the pandemic, to anyone in the world who needs them.

You can read the full story here.

Product updates 🚀

March was a busy month, especially in light of current events. So we shipped a few things that we had targeted on our roadmap and doubled down on our commitment to reliability.

Improved team members management for recurring webinars

You can now assign team members to specific webinar sessions by **directly editing the sessions.**This improvement makes your recurring webinars easier to manage.

Soon, we’ll implement this for guest speakers as well.

Notification Improvements

Do you hear that? We’ve changed the notification system to make them less distracting. Attendees used to receive a notification sound for each new chat message. I think we can all agree that it’s kinda hard to focus on the stage when you’re hearing a chorus of “dings!”

Now, as an attendee, you will be notified once for the chat messages and questions tabs, regardless of how many activities occur on each tab. Your current active tab won’t be sending notifications anymore (since you already know what is going on). Finally, each new poll will always have a new sound notification.

Note that as a host team member, you will still receive all the sound notifications. You can always disable those notifications by clicking on the bell icon in the room.

Pro tip: If you keep notification sounds on when on stage, make sure to wear a headset so that your microphone won't pick up the sounds. Wearing a headset is actually always a good idea, but this is not the place nor time for tutorials ;)

Data Exports: faster, stronger

We know that a lot of our customers depend on our data exports. For many, gathering registrants data is one of the main benefits of hosting webinars because it allows them to measure a lot of metrics!

Livestorm has always supported data exports, and we have made major improvements to the whole system this month. Exports are now a lot faster to process, which you'll especially notice if you're hosting events with a lot of attendees.

Other than that, they still work the same: you can still choose an export between registrants, chat messages and questions, choose which columns to export and their format. You will still receive it by email once it’s ready!


The COVID-19 outbreak brought an unprecedented amount of traffic and usage to Livestorm. We are doing our best to ensure that the platform remains reliable and stable throughout this period.

That’s why we’re focusing all of our engineering efforts on reliability. Livestorm’s number one job is to power events that run smoothly from start to finish. During the first week of quarantines in France, we saw an increase in traffic of almost 10x. This of course had an impact on our servers. Although we had already done a lot to scale our infrastructure to hold the charge, the platform had some hiccups on Friday March 20. Everything has been resolved and we scaled our infrastructure to handle such load. There’s more we can do, and we are making it our top priority for the time being.

So we’ve halted development on all new features and dedicated our resources to scaling usage and reliability. The good news is, we’ve seen improvements almost instantly and are making great progress. The less good news is that it’s not as shiny or visible as a cool new feature, like customizable video backgrounds… or something 👀.

Livestorm news 🗞️

The best of what’s happening at Livestorm:


In March we were joined by three more stormies, no less! We welcomed:

Jules as a product manager. He comes from the volcanic region of Auvergne, enjoys football, history, psychology, and reading.

Michaël, who joined as a backend developer. He’s an outdoor junkie and spends his free time riding his bike, for fun and for competition.

Emeric followed a few days later to round up the numbers in the backed team too! In his spare time, he enjoys kicking dragons in the chin in World of Warcraft and working out (which is totally unrelated to dragons… or is it? ).

We’re still hiring for many roles:

  • Customer Success Manager
  • Market Development Representative (MDR)
  • Head Of Sales International
  • Customer Care Expert
  • SDR
  • SDR Intern
  • QA Engineer

We like hiring nice, talented people from all kinds of backgrounds. You can find all of our job posts on our site.

Coming up next🔮

We’ll be focusing 100% on reliability in the foreseeable future.

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