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May Updates: GDPR, Google Analytics

All the latest news from Livestorm and the team in May. First of all, we became a fully GDPR compliant webinar solution! We also have a bunch of features and quality-of-life updates we hope you'll enjoy.
June 4, 2018 β€’Β About 4 min. read

As we're moving closer to the summer and opening up June, it's time for a quick recap of what Livestorm achieved in May.

πŸ›  Product Updates

This was a pretty loaded month in sheer number of updates, so brace yourself!

Fully GDPR-compliant webinar software

That's right, we joined in the privacy-policy-email frenzy for this one, for a good cause! But what may be even more important than our policies update is what we built into the product to ensure all our clients can safely put their trust in Livestorm as the best fully GDPR compliant webinar software. Here are a few things we added:

  • Ability to delete registrants (you can do it directly from your dashboard. Doing so removes the participant and delete all their data from the webinar session...forever!)
  • Ability to add custom terms to your webinar registration page (in addition to Livestorm's terms, you can add a checkbox to collect consent to your own terms)

As Gilles said in this tweet, it was a great opportunity for us to add highly anticipated features to Livestorm and to go even further in protecting our customers' privacy.

Better integration between Livestorm and Google Analytics

Livestorm now sends events to your Google Analytics when a new registrant signs up to your webinar. This improves the precision of your tracking and helps you gain even better insights into your Livestorm data.

We have a pretty nifty article in the Livestorm Support pages to help you set it up: Connect Google Analytics & Livestorm.

Replay privacy

You can now decide who gets the replay of the event... which means you can also decide who doesn't get the replay πŸ™…β€β™€οΈ
If you make the replay private, we'll remove the replay link from the follow up emails.

Soon, we'll add the option to make the replay available on demand... Particularly handy for those giving classes on Livestorm who'd want to make their VODs available only to paying students, for example.

A bunch of "quality of life" updates

Those seemingly little improvements that will actually change your life! (or at least... when it comes to doing webinars and web conferences)

  • See who's replying in the question tab

Livestorm now shows when someone is typing an answer to a question. This way, you'll avoid doubling down on answering when someone else is already on it! Simple, yet efficient πŸ˜‡

  • Bring back your PDF presentation at the right slide

We know this one has been bugging our customers who show PDF slides during their webinars and often switch between the presentation and screen sharing. Now, Livestorm remembers which slide you were on, so you can stop worrying about getting lost in your presentation!

New languages: Czech and Turkish

Ahoj! Selam! Livestorm now speaks Czech and Turkish, and a total of 16 languages. We're happy to make our software increasingly more inclusive and easy to use for all cultures around the world, and we'll keep adding more upon request.

πŸ—ž Livestorm news

One event and one more team member, life is good at Livestorm lately 😎

Come meet us at SaaStr Europa in June

If you're one of our SaaS customers, you probably have heard of SaaStr Annual. This year, they're heading to Paris for SaaStr Europa, so naturally we booked our tickets! Gilles and Thibaut will be there on June 15, so come say hi! (we'll bring stickers and all kinds of goodies too)

The team keeps growing: Laurent joins the backend team

We're thrilled to welcome Laurent in the backend team. There are a lot of cool updates we want to bring as fast as possible, so having his insight and knowledge will tremendously help!

πŸ‘“ What’s next (this month)

This month will mostly be under the name of reliability. We'll improve how some parts of Livestorm work in the background to make conferences even more stable and smooth πŸ‘·β€

But that's not all, we'll keep our security helmets on and keep at it for a few improvements, mainly this one:

  • Enhanced quality for replays, and for compatibility mode (live and replays)

We know replay quality is important to all our customers. We're going to enhance the default replay quality and bring it to 720p. This includes the quality on compatibility modes as well.

πŸ“‘ What’s next (but will come later)

This is where we have a list of all the "coming soon" features that take a bit more than a few lines of code and some testing to release. Rest assured that all 3 of these features are very much our focus:

  • Team-wide accounts (still our number one focus at the moment)
  • 500+ participants (this comes hand in hand with our reliability updates)
  • On-demand webinars

That's it for this month! Happy web conferencing 🀩

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Thibaut Davoult
Growth Engineer @ Livestorm

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