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2018 is almost over and it's a great time to reflect on what we achieved this year... But for now, we'll start with reflecting on the past month by telling you everything we improved with Livestorm in November. So let's dive into it!

Livestorm Updates

We got into November after an October that was packed with improvements. So, if you're not keeping up with Livestorm 24/7 (we're not judging here 😉), you can go back in time and have a look at October's post.

Added Webhooks to send data out of Livestorm ⚡️

Webhooks give you more flexibility in getting data out of Livestorm. So far, you could already send data to your apps (using webhooks or not) with Zapier.

Having a native Webhook integration could prove useful to some of you not relying on Zaps, or to use apps that aren't part of the 1,000+ Zapier integrations.

1543916095 november updates webhooks

Custom Video Iframe for Replay

You can now use an existing video hosted online for a webinar replay. This can be useful to switch the replay of a webinar that didn't go exactly as planned. It also allows you to benefit from your hosting service's insights.

For example, you can host your video on Wistia and embed its iframe on a Livestorm replay to benefit from Wistia's analytics.

Update on Webinar Attendees Count

We've changed the way webinar attendees are counted to make it fairer both to attendees and hosts. Before, we counted anyone who tried to join the webinar room, no matter how long before the event. We've now drastically reduced this to about an hour before the event starts.

Livestorm news


This is a big topic for us at the moment: we're hiring developers and sales. So if you're interested or know anyone who could be, here's our hiring pages: in English / in French).

Here are the roles were're looking to fill:

  • Senior Back-End Developer (Ruby on Rails)
  • Senior Front-End Engineer (VueJS)
  • Senior Inside Sales (SDR)

What's next

We have a lot more in store. Coming soon or not-so-soon-but-we're-doing-our-very-best-to-make-it-as-soon-as-possible:

  • Share a CTA: See how our new "Live Answers" work? (or have a quick look on our support page. Well, imagine a design that's pretty similar but that allows you to share a Call to Action (CTA) to your webinar participants. This could be helpful to share a special offer, direct them to a specific page or content... Or anything really.
  • Only allow people with a company email to register: We're currently working on the registrants' email validation process. Soon you'll be able to only accept registrants with a work email (and filter out all the gmail, yahoo, etc.).
  • Team-wide accounts: We're making big progress in the background. We have no time estimate to share yet, but we're getting closer!

That's all for the month, happy webinars in December🧣

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