October Updates: New Block Controls and Chinese Language
Product updates

October Updates: New Block Controls and Chinese Language

In October we added a new way to manage blocked participants and made Livestorm available in simplified Chinese.

Product updates 🚀

In October we made a new way to block participants and adjusted how you can manage these blocks. Plus, we added Chinese language to the app!

A new way to block and unblock participants

We've come up with a new way to manage unwanted participants. So far with Livestorm, when you want to remove a participant from your room, you can do so by using the "Kick" button. The "Kick" button removes participants from all events organized by the workspace, indefinitely.

The old "Kick" button had some drawbacks. It wasn't possible to see within your dashboard who was blocked from your events after being kicked out, and there wasn't a way to unblock users who you wanted to grant access to again.

We've renamed the "Kick" button. It is now called "Block". It works as it did before with some additional controls. You can now block and unblock registrants directly from the people tab inside of your dashboard.

In this tab, we will also highlight registrants who are blocked from all of your events.


Livestorm now speaks Chinese

您好! Livestorm is now available in simplified Mandarin Chinese. You can translate everything that is visible to your registrants and attendees like your landing page, the webinar and meeting rooms, and your notification emails.

For more information on languages, check out this help doc.

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We’re working on a new way for you to go on stage during your events. And soon we’ll soon have dial-in support for speakers.

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