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October Updates: Push to Talk, Side Panels

Here's a look at everything we were up to in October.
November 5, 2019 • About 2 min. read

October is over, and boy was that fast. In this update, we’ll bid farewell to spooky season and share what’s new with Livestorm. Lucky for you, our month was full of treats. 🎃

Product Updates 🕸️

We've improved the flexibility of the app, and given you more control with this month's updates.

Push to Talk

This month we took our mute feature one step further. Now, if you are on stage and your microphone is muted, you can press and hold the "M" key on your keyboard to unmute your mic. While you are pressing "M" your audience can hear you, and as soon as you release it you will go back to being muted. Push to talk can be used both for your webinars and for Livestorm Meet. It is a neat little feature that should help to make transitions smoother.

New side panels

In October we implemented two new side panels to help you stay organized.

Webinar Creation

You can now create your webinars from one side panel. This new feature lets you add new webinars, select dates and times, and add new sessions. These changes will streamline your process by making it easier to create webinars.

Session management

We've also been hard at work refining the Sessions tab. The introduction of the new sessions side panel simplifies the process for adding and editing new and existing sessions. This update optimizes the way that you navigate planning, editing, and organizing your webinars.

Screen Sharing in Safari

This month we also added support for screen sharing in Safari browser (for version 13 and above)! Ideal for training and demonstrations, this update will help you educate in real-time.

Email Updates

We've also been hard at work making changes to our email system.

Greater flexibility for your emails:

You now have more control over your email signatures. Sometimes your webinars might have multiple team members involved. You can now select the team member that will be used for the email signature (by default it will be the webinar’s creator). Or, you can select to have no signature.

Add dial-in code to custom emails:

It is now possible to add the webinar dial-in information to Livestorm custom emails. Your attendees will be able to view the number and code before entering the webinar room. Attendees can know the number to call in advance in case they have any hiccups in the viewing process. For more on dial-in check out our help docs.

Microsoft Edge 17+ Compatibility

You can now use Microsoft Edge 17 to go on stage, host webinars and attend meetings on Livestorm 🎉

The compatibility mode will no longer apply to Microsoft Edge 17 and up, as our streaming technology now supports Edge natively. 🙌

Livestorm News 👻

Here's some news straight from the team.


Our Growth Lead Thibaut represented Livestorm at SaaStock in Dublin this month for a successful workshop on customer acquisition, and a talk on the same topic. It was a great experience, and an awesome opportunity to share and learn. As Thibaut says, “It really is the Disneyland of SaaS.” Except less Mickey, and more Guinness.


The engineering team has been joined by Senior Full-Stack Engineer, Cyril. He’s back on land after spending the past nine months sailing around the Caribbean on a “small 29ft monohull.” Yeah, we’re jealous too. 🤩⛵

Want to join our crêpe-cooking, laser-tag-playing, dog-petting team? (Hard sell, we know).

We’re looking for:

  • QA Engineer
  • Inbound Sales Representative (EN/FR)
  • Senior Front-End Engineer (GraphQL)
  • Product Manager
  • Senior Back-End Engineer (Ruby on Rails)
  • Office and People Manager

Find out more at the jump.

Coming up next 🕯️

We have a lot of cool things under construction at Livestorm. Soon you'll see improvements to the consistency of our app design, email statuses for custom emails, and scheduled meetings will be in private beta.

So put on your hard hats, and stay tuned! 🏗️

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