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Why The World Needs A Better Webinar Software?

Why are there so many web conferencing solutions? Let’s consider market-size and and the technology itself.
July 4, 2016 • About 1 min. read

A few weeks ago, I answered an interesting question on Quora. The person was asking "Why are there so many online conferencing solutions?".

Here’s my answer with a few more details added.

Web Conferencing is a Huge Market. What Scope Should we Consider?

By huge, I mean HUGE. And that’s only if you wish to consider only web conferencing. If you take into account the live streaming market, then you’re facing something gigantic.

This has one obvious consequence: you will find an infinite amount of use-cases and niches.

The person was also pointing out that in other industries, such as ride-sharing, a fan favorite is pretty obvious.

But unlike ride-sharing, web conferencing has matured with different niches, usages and needs. To match all of these needs most companies have to piece together a bunch of different products.

Creating a "live streaming suite" would take a lot of time and effort.

I'm talking about an Adobe-like company, where every product is legitimized on their own or in the stack.

Web Conferencing is More Edgy Than you Think.

Think video communication is boring? Think again.

Phone meetings dominate our calandars, we can video conference on the way to the office, and "Skype" has become a verb.

There are so many webinar softwares out there because of the popularity of this kind of technology. And a good webinar software will provide the quality, speed and security that your brand needs.

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Gilles Bertaux
Co-founder & CEO @ Livestorm

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