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Connect From Anywhere with our Room Redesign

We’ve redesigned our meeting and webinar rooms to make it easier to collaborate, create, and connect with Livestorm on any device. This article explores what's new for our latest release.
September 21, 2020 • About 2 min. read

We’ve been hard at work making our video communication tools faster, lighter, and more agile. We’ve redesigned our meeting and webinar rooms to make it easier to collaborate, create, and connect with Livestorm on any device. Thanks to this update our dashboard is quicker and has more room for upcoming features.

Livestorm room redesign

Our webinar and meeting rooms look a little different, and can now be accessed from any mobile, tablet, or desktop that has access to a browser.

Create and connect with any device

We’ve improved our meeting and webinar rooms to make Livestorm more flexible. Livestorm has always been a browser-based platform, free from downloads of any type. This holds our platform to the same high-security standards as the browser it is being accessed on. Browser-based platforms are easily launched, making it more likely for participants to attend since they aren’t blocked by slow downloads.

In this update, we’ve taken the flexibility of our tool one step further. It is now possible to connect to our platform from the browser of any mobile, tablet, or computer. Now, all you need to use Livestorm is an up-to-date device and a stable internet connection. You can host a meeting from your tablet while traveling, create a webinar on your phone, or connect to Livestorm using any device that can access a browser.

Switch seamlessly between your devices when you’re on the go, or simply use this new functionality as a backup plan if your first device fails. Some users even use their mobile connection to demo their web-based applications. Whatever your need, you can fit Livestorm into your video communication strategy.

Collaborate with the whole team

This latest update also makes it possible for team members and guest speakers to participate through their phone’s internet browser. It is now even easier to collaborate with others during Livestorm meetings and webinars.

Livestorm is the first software that allows you to join a meeting, participate in a webinar, or host presentations from any device.

Livestorm dashboard improvements

We’ve shuffled some things around to make room for upcoming features, improved the look of the dashboard, and made our tool even more powerful.

Discover new features

We have new features coming to Livestorm, and we’ve adjusted the navigation bar in your dashboard to accommodate them. You’ll now find it to the left of the dashboard. We’ll continue to add to it as our tool grows to meet more use cases.

Access controls with ease

The way our dashboard looks is now easier on the eyes. We made sure to keep things clear, and executed this redesign with your experience in mind.

The dashboard now looks lighter and brighter, with a softened color palette and tidy icons. Most importantly, Livestorm rooms have been optimized for both mobile and desktop with easier access to controls. You can find further information in this documentation.

Experience a faster Livestorm

This new update isn’t just for looks. We’ve also released a faster version of our dashboard. We believe that when it comes to software, speed is key. So we’ll keep improving Livestorm to make it even faster.

Sign up for our beta API

Coming up next, we’re releasing Livestorm Public API. Would you like to gain early-access? Sign up here.

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