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Jobber Uses Livestorm to Educate and Generate Leads

Jobber is a business management software for mobile services companies. Jobber handles everything from business management, to operations, invoicing and more.
Customer Training

Jobber started using Livestorm as their webinar platform at the start of 2017. We sat down with Barret and Steven from Jobber, to learn a bit about why they started using Livestorm, and learn a bit about how they use webinars to communicate with their customers.

What is Jobber?

Jobber is a business management software for home service companies. Our customers include landscaping companies, residential cleaners, general contractors, and more. Jobber helps our customers handle everything from scheduling, to team management, invoicing and more.

Why are you hosting webinars?

When we started hosting webinars, we treated them as a hands on training tool. As our customer success team has grown, we’ve found that we can provide more targeted training in a one on one format.

For this reason, we started using webinars to help educate our customers on best practices and the value of certain Jobber features. From there, we’re able to help explain how Jobber can help.

We’ve based our webinar content off of Jobber Academy articles like Simple Ways to Improve Employee Training for your Cleaning Business and Mastering Your Invoicing Process. This has lead to better engagement and higher attendance.

Why did you choose Livestorm?

The user experience for the webinar attendee is great. They don't have to download anything to attend the webinar and it’s super easy to ask a question on Livestorm.

In the other software we tried, the live chat feature was a bit intimidating. People would not interrupt or ask a question—and live chat is part of what makes a webinar engaging! Thanks to Livestorm’s chat feature, we have been able to create more engaging webinars.
Livestorm is also much more user friendly for us on the webinar administration side. We used to keep a couple hours a month to schedule all the upcoming webinars, but with Livestorm we just duplicate drafts, change the date, and we’re done.

What advice would you give to someone who never hosted webinars?

Focus on the why. From a Jobber perspective, the biggest thing we have learned is we should not tell attendees what Jobber does, but instead help them see value. Then we can build that bridge on how software helps webinar attendees run a better business.

Something else that we find, that is almost counter-intuitive, is that the more specific we get with the content the more registrations we have. By hosting very targeted webinars for specific groups we see a significant increase in the number of registrations.

For example, we hosted a webinar specifically for cleaning companies. We were afraid we would alienate the other verticals, but this webinar had more than 5 times the attendees from previous webinars.

We have two hosts on each webinar. One person runs the presentation and one person answers the chat and manages the Q&A. We usually keep Q&A for the end but we manage to answer questions throughout the webinar.

How do you promote your webinars ?

This really depends on the webinar. We promote new product feature webinars to existing customers, and for less product focused webinars, we will promote to the Jobber Academy audience which includes both customers and noncustomers. We definitely take a different promotion strategy depending on the topic.

The user experience for the person watching the webinar is what we were looking for. They don't have to download anything, it's super easy.
Aidan Wakefield
Customer Success

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