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How Mailjet uses Livestorm To Generate Qualified Leads

Mailjet is the email solution for teams to create, send, and monitor marketing emails, transactional emails and SMS. Brands like Microsoft, AVIS, Product Hunt, MIT and more trust Mailjet to send over 2 billion emails every month.

What is Mailjet?

Mailjet is the email solution for teams to create, send, and monitor marketing emails, transactional emails and SMS. Brands like Microsoft, AVIS, Product Hunt, MIT and more trust Mailjet to send over 2 billion emails every month.

mailjet team

Webinars to educate and demonstrate your expertise

Mailjet's Marketing Managers, like Miles in North America and Julie in France, started doing webinars a year ago for Mailjet using traditional webinar software. Since Mailjet started, their main focus has been on GDPR and top of the funnel webinars.

Mailjet was the very first Email Service Provider to be fully GDPR compliant and webinars were part of their communication strategy.

A year ago, we just got through our journey of being the first and only one GDPR compliant Email Service Provider at the time. So the big focus for webinars for a while was GDPR. We had a very unique story to tell.

As for the speaker, Miles asked their Head of Legal to tell that story. It was really the thought leadership side of that content that led them to host webinars.

But those top-of-the-funnel webinars are also great lead magnets that Mailjet uses to generate new business each month.

Most of our webinars are top-of-the-funnel, educational webinars, we use them to show our expertise on a given subject like GDPR, transactional emails, etc.

Mailjet will also start hosting demo webinars, more focused on their product and actionable tips

Smart webinars that look good with your brand

Webinars were something Mailjet had already experimented in the past but they experienced the classic problems our own users used to face when dealing with more traditional software:

As an email company our main pain-point with the standard webinar solution at the time was the inability to customize and brand our emails.

Branding is definitely something you need pay attention to. As a webinar software, you should give special attention to that aspect of your business.

Sometimes, people register and they get this very ugly, text-heavy, email. This was not consistent with our brand and it was not a good experience for our end user.

This is also why we build Livestorm, to allow our customers to get a nice looking experience from start to finish.

Livestorm's branding capabilities, the emails, and the user experience were definitely a win for us.

But looking good is not enough. You also have to deliver, especially on automating the boring tasks:

From there, we had to make sure it could integrate with some of our tools. The fact that Livestorm had a seamless Zapier integration was definitely another deciding factor.

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Webinar process built for lead generation

The GDPR webinar is built as a series of events that people can attend. What we found interesting is that when attending one live webinar, their attendees will usually watch the others. The first webinar act as a hook. Mailjet's webinar process works then as an educational funnel.

We noticed that when someone attended one GDPR webinar they typically came to watch the other ones as well.

To promote their webinars, Julie leverages Mailjet's presence on social media and (obviously) their newsletter.

Once the webinar is over, she sends the video to all their registrants and make sure to follow up on all the questions they receive during the webinar.

Finally, Julie uploads the list of attendees to their CRM and check if they meet their lead qualification criteria.

Lead generation through webinars is something that has been working really well for Julie, Miles and their team. Especially in France:

We generate a significant amount of leads thanks to those top-of-the-funnel webinars. Especially in France. We're still quite new at webinars, and we need to be even more consistent to get even more results.

Consistency is key indeed. But also specificity:

I think we need to be more specific with some webinars and to get even more relevant leads.

This is great advice. Specificity in webinars can be counter-intuitive but it is extremely efficient. When doing lead generation, the more specific (not complex) the more precise will be your audience. Definitely a great way to get qualified leads.

"Livestorm's branding capabilities, the emails, and the user experience played the biggest role in our decision process."

Miles De Paul
Miles De Paul, Marketing Manager @ Mailjet
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