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Is there any hidden fees?

Nope. Not now, not in the future. What you see on the pricing page is what you get. 

Is Livestorm compatible with every browser?

At the moment, we strongly recommend for anyone using Livestorm to use Chrome. Yet, we also fully support Firefox (> v. 40) and Opera. Safari works only if you are an attendee or if you plan to stream only your webcam and it requires a plugin to install. Don't worry it's a no-brainer, just follow the instructions. As for IE, we do not support it currently, but we're working hard on making it compatible with Edge. 

The reason behind that is that we use WebRTC as main technology. It is quite edgy and full support is on its way. Just keep in mind that reliability across all those environments are crucial for us and we will eventually find a way to make it 100% cross browser.

Is there anything to download?

Nada. We believe that webinars and web conferencing from now on should be 100% in the browser. This way we will be one day able to natively support every environment or platform with the exact same tool. Plus, download equals friction equals less conversion. The only thing we require is to potentially download is a browser extension if you want to share your screen. It's seamless and does not require any refresh.

What is a live attendee?

We consider live attendee someone who steps in the webinar room (or the waiting screen). There is no limitations for registrants, only people in the webinar room. 

What are the connectivity requirements?

Livestorm needs certain ports in order to work. Ask someone that administrates your network to review these settings in your firewall.

For best experience we recommend that: 

  • TCP port 443 is open. Also, make sure that non-web traffic can also pass over this port.
  • UDP port 3478 is open.
  • UDP ports 1025 - 65535 are open (optimal).

Is it possible to share my screen?

Yes. You need to have either Chrome or Opera installed. The browser extension installed (for Chrome and Opera).

It's pretty straightforward. Once you have the extension installed just hit the screen icon on the controls panel. And pick the app you want to share or you can share your entire screen.

Can I share a Keynote or a Powerpoint presentation?

At the moment, the best way to do this is to share your screen and share your Powerpoint or Keynote app. 

At Livestorm, what we usually do is share our Keynote screen and keep the webinar room open in another desktop (Mac desktop and/or a side screen). Or you could just have another device with the webinar room open so you can keep an eye on the chat, questions or polls.

At some point, we will eventually add a native upload presentation feature.

How long can my webinars be?

We allow a pretty large duration, you can stream for four hours straight. After that the webinar will be automatically terminated. But we believe that most webinars should not take that long 😉.

Does Livestorm works on mobile?

Livestorm will work on the latest Android devices. The layout is optimized for tablet. So, if you're using a modern Android tablet you can enjoy Livestorm on mobile. We do not support yet iOS devices but Apple is working on supporting the technology we are using.

Who can answer to questions?

The Questions tab is designed to allow attendees to ask questions to the host. It is a bottom-up feature. The host and the moderators are the only ones who can answer the questions. A top-to-bottom feature would typically be the polls section. Use the polls to ask questions to your audience.

Can I hide the people tab?

Yes, there's a parameter in the "custom design" section in your webinar settings. Just uncheck the checkbox to hide the people tab to all attendees. It will be visible only to the host and the moderators.