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Livestorm for Education

The future of education has no borders. Now more than ever, students want access to flexible instruction.
They're already hosting online courses
Transform your classroom with webinars

Engage students instantly

Whether students are thirty feet away or three thousand, everyone can interact in real-time. Live chats, questions and polls are all tracked within the webinar classrooms. Streamlined analytics show which students are excelling and who needs a little help, all in one glance.

Teach anyone, anywhere

Webinars re-create real learning environments. Within these virtual classrooms instructors can display slides, write on whiteboards and interact with students. Everything that is possible in a physical classroom, but accessible online.

Share new perspectives

Webinars open your classrooms to the world. Find new access to students and teachers from diverse cultures, backgrounds, and lived experiences. These varied outlooks can bring a new level of discourse to your institution.

of people have taken an online course
Busy students juggle jobs, internships, and family obligations. Online courses make it possible for a new generation to earn an education.

Livestorm connects your campus with the world.

Engage teachers and students with modern tools.
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Class Surveys & Quizzes
Livestorm is optimized to encourage interaction. Built in poll and question tabs empower students to participate during class, while assessing their knowledge.
Classroom Insights with Analytics
Livestorm provides data that is simple to access, and easy to understand. Our advanced analytics let professors monitor progress.
On-demand courses
Record classes with Livestorm and upload your content online. You can even put them behind a paywall.
It's so easy to setup and is basically on autopilot to the event. I love the landing pages (they convert like crazy), the emails are beautiful, and the reminders are perfect.
Adam Hofmann
Product development, @Singularity University
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