Livestorm Partners Terms & Conditions

These Livestorm Terms & Conditions govern your participation in the Livestorm Partner program.
By joining the program, you agree to the set of rules that is defined below.

Livestorm Partner Program

As a member of the Livestorm partner program, it is prohibited to

  • Engage in paid ads to promote your partner link
  • Engage in spam, any sort of overly aggressive or black hat methods to promote your partner link
  • Using your own partner link to sign up and subscribe to Livestorm

As a member of the Livestorm partner program, it is required to

  • Agree, commit and follow Livestorm's brand guidelines
  • Strictly use the resources provided within the resources center of the Partner program, or by the partners relations agent at Livestorm (logos, screenshots...).

Termination of partnerships

A Partnership is defined by your right to own a partner link and earn rewards as defined by your partner group.

We reserve ourselves the right to disqualify, suspend or completely end the partnership with any partner if they refuse to comply to these rules and effectively breach this Agreement.

Livestorm Terms & Conditions

By joining the Livestorm Partner program, you also agree to the Agreement defined in Livestorm's Terms & Conditions as stated on the Terms & Conditions page.

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