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Video conferencing for remote work

4.7 stars - 300+ reviews

Livestorm is a zero download video conferencing tool that powers easy remote meetings.

βœ… During the COVID-19 epidemic, we are offering Livestorm Meet 100% free.

- Zero-install: Usable by everyone. Compatible with any device
- Easy-to-use: Fit for companies new to remote work
- Instant Meetings: Quickly hop on a call simply by sharing a link
- Scheduled Meetings: Connect your calendar to automatically create Livestorm meetings.
Instant meeting room, online 24/7
πŸ’» Get your meeting room ready
πŸ”— Invite people simple by sharing a link
πŸ’¬ Chat, share your screen, your webcam, or a document
πŸ™‹β€β™€οΈ Up to 12 participants
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Scheduled meetings, connected to your calendar
πŸ”Œ Connect Livestorm to your calendar to automatically generate temporary meeting rooms
πŸŽ₯ Automatically record your meetings
πŸ“Š Get data and insights on your participants
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