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Employee onboarding

A webinar software for employee onboarding sessions

With Livestorm, you can host employee onboarding webinar sessions and train a large group of new team members in one go. Make sure new employees feel at home from day 1.

3,000+ companies trust Livestorm to host webinars and online meetings

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Employee onboarding
Great companies host employee onboarding webinars with Livestorm
Multinational companies and smaller structures with a remote workforce benefit from Livestorm to improve their employee training online sessions.
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« People come to us to learn how to do webinars, and we have successfully trained people on the platform. Compared to all the platforms, Livestorm was so easy to use. »
Poppy Acton Davis
Global Account Manager
Present any way you like
Onboard with any media you want
Upload documents and present them to your new employees. Livestorm supports most formats that you'll think about: slides, videos, screen-sharing, webcam...
Bring up to 6 people on stage
Host a lively panel of employees to present your company and processes. Need to bring teammates on stage for your online onboarding session? Livestorm can display up to 6 live video streams at once.
Engage with new employees
Answer questions from new employees
Help new employees settle into their new role. With Livestorm's Q&A, collect questions from participants live, and let them vote for the most important ones to prioritize your replies.
Quiz your employees
Ensure that your online onboarding session went well by testing your employees' knowledge. You can also use polls to measure the performance of your onboarding process.
Help employees get to know each other
Enable written chat participations to allow new employees to introduce themselves and discuss at the beginning of the online webinar training session.
Share the knowledge
Share the employee training replay
Livestorm can automatically send the employee training session's replay to all the participants. You could also grab the replay and upload it anywhere to easily share it.
Organize meetings with new employees
Need to get on a all-hands remote meeting with fewer employees to train? Hop on a live video call to easily talk with up to 4 people.
Employee onboarding
Welcome employees at scale with great onboarding sessions
Onboarding groups of new employees and training them all at once is more efficient and fosters community early on.
Welcome new hires
Give new hires all the tools and documents they need to be successful in their new role.
Answer every question
Launch polls to make sure everything was clear, use questions to cover more topics.
Train continuously
Make the replays available so that employees can access them and review the material.
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