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Internal Communications

A webinar software for internal communications

Looking for a way to spread messages clearly to your entire organization? With Livestorm, you can present results, share the documents you need, receive questions from your workforce.

3,000+ companies trust Livestorm to host webinars and online meetings

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Internal Communications
You'll be in good company
Renown companies use Livestorm to facilitate their online communication webinars, online events and conferences. From enterprises to smaller companies with a remote workforce, they all benefit from Livestorm to ensure all their messages are equally heard among all their collaborators.
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« People come to us to learn how to do webinars, and we have successfully trained people on the platform. Compared to all the platforms, Livestorm was so easy to use. »
Poppy Acton Davis
Global Account Manager
« We use Livestorm for internal “all-hands” meetings. This way, remote teams and travelling staff are all able to join important meetings from anywhere in the world. »
Adrien Gaucher
Account Manager
Share knowledge internally
Facilitate discussions
Livestorm allows employees to exchange ideas and questions during your online internal communications event, without disrupting the presentation.
Poll your workforce
Want to get insights from all your employees at once? Launch polls and gather quantified feedbacks in a matter of seconds.
Anonymize feedbacks
Need to discuss a sensitive topic in your company? Online internal communication events with Livestorm let you anonymize the contributions to ensure all exchanges are sincere.
Make it an event
Don't worry about infrastructure
Livestorm handles up to 1000 online participants. Livestorm webinars also come with customizable registration pages, automated confirmation emails and reminders to ensure everyone shows up.
Easily invite all your collaborators
Livestorm's emailing system allows you to import your contact list and send all your email invites directly. If you want, you can handle the invitations with your existing system too.
Include everyone
Webinars are an excellent way to engage with all your employees and be more inclusive. Employees can participate from anywhere, on any device.
Make your message clear
Share the replay with the whole team
After your company event is over, all your registrants will receive the replay. Particularly handy for those who couldn't show up live.
Quiz employees after the presentation
Polls are a great way to ensure your message was clearly received throughout all the departments of your company. It also allows you to clarify specific topics at the end of the presentation.
Internal Communications
Run company-wide conferences without worrying about infrastructure
Facilitate information-sharing among your company with elegant and easy-to-join internal communications webinars. Save the recording of your past company-wide meetings to create a history of all the presentations. Listen to all your workforce to always strive in improving your company environment.
Company status updates
Give your employees all the answers they need and share your future plans with them.
Facilitate employee engagement
Benefit from the live chat, polls and questions to engage employees in the talk and create interaction.
Don't worry about infrastructure
Livestorm is easy to use, requires no install and handles everything from invites to the video stream itself.
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