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Install method
Via Zapier
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Main Features

Our Zapier integration is the very first Livestorm integration. It allows you to send data from Livestorm to any apps in the Zapier directory. That’s over 1000+ apps.

So far, we provide the following triggers :

  • Webinar ended
  • Webinar started
  • New attendee
  • Webinar published
  • Attendee joins

Learn more about triggers and actions in this post from our help documentation.

Why you Should Use Livestorm with Zapier

This integration will help you in several ways. You will gain a lot of time automating repetitive tasks and adding value in your data through other apps.

We wrote a blog post about some webinar integration workflows you can use to boost your webinar process.

Installation Instructions

Sign up for Zapier to create Livestorm Zaps. Or follow this post from our help documentation. You can also contact Zapier suppor at:

Integration Overview

Zapier automates your tedious workflows by connecting Livestorm to 1000+ other business tools, including Slack, MailChimp, Gmail, and Trello.

Integration Details

Zapier integrates Livestorm with 1000+ business apps:

  • Set up automations called Zaps to take care of repetitive tasks for you
  • No coding required
  • Sign up for a free Zapier account to use these popular automated workflows called Zaps:
How does it work on Zapier?
This integration works with Zapier. Click on the following button to test the different workflows you can build.
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