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Educate and onboard your customers with Livestorm

Great onboardings means great activation. Create virtual workshops, gather small group of customers and show them how to use your product.

Give the onboarding your customers deserve

The very first days of using a product or a service are critical. If your customers miss the value of what you are offering you will be facing dangerous consequences for your business. This is why, in order to activate them properly, you have to build a great onboarding. Part of this strategy is to create content to support this objective. This is why webinars combine the best of both world : you can educate, answer any pain point, and, on top of that, create relevant content for your users.

why webinars

Get to know your customers

Organize webinars to educate your customers. We provide the data you need to spot important behaviours. Identify potential pain points and business opportunities. Use your webinars to fight churn.

Optimize your onboarding

During your webinars you can answer every questions you customer might have and then optimize your presentation. You can also gather relevant feedbacks that your product team might find useful.

Get instant product feedbacks

Your demos can drive more than just sales, your webinars can be the backbone of your product development. Make the most of your webinars by asking for product feedbacks through polls or chat.

Scale your onboarding

With Livestorm you can onboard 1 to 500 customers at once. Stop doing the same one-on-ones over and over again. You only need one person, one hour a week to properly onboard and educate everyone.

Definitive Guide to Webinars

From our experience, webinars are great for generating more leads, better leads. A lot of companies from very different industries have been doing them for a long time. To make sure you stay ahead of the curve, we built this crash course. Find out about all of our best practices and host great webinars.
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