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50 Ice breakers for Virtual meetings

Virtual meetings don't have to be boring! Discover 50 ice breaker questions, games, and activities designed to get the conversation going and build team spirit.

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50 icebreakers, questions and games for virtual meetings

Shake up your meetings!

Skip the awkwardness of online meetings, download this ebook to learn 50 fun ways to:

  • Encourage people to interact
  • Help people focus on the discussion
  • Get everyone to look forward to the next meeting

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Get to know your team

From easy conversation starters to light-hearted games, try these tactics to: 

  • Learn about your team members
  • Find things in common
  • Lighten up the mood!
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get a pulse of your team with the mood barometer or happies and crappiesTry 10 things in common or a game of guess who to learn about team membersVirtual background charades ice breakerIce breaker activities to build cohesion: mixology and painting classes
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By sparking discussion, openness, and creativity, you can have successful meetings that always bring the best out of your teams.

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