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Guide to Promoting Events on Social Media

Discover 21 ways to promote events on social media before, during, and after. And get tips on how to measure social media event promotion in this complete guide.

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Supercharge your online event

Social media and online events go together like frosting on cake.

In this ebook we cover:

  • Creative ways to promote your event
  • Tips to keep your attendees engaged during the event
  • Ways to keep the momentum going after the event

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Optimize your online event for success

Learn how to measure the real success of your event:

  • Measuring your event ROI
  • Including brand awareness metrics
  • Using engagement metric

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Mastered well, social media can be a real boost for your online events. Download this ebook now and start hosting better events and webinars.

Boost your events, engage your audience and repurpose your content in creative ways using social media 

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