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Learn how to navigate the new remote workforce

The abrupt shift to remote work came at all of us fast, leaving many organizations in a lurch. This playbook will take you back to the basics: teaching you how to find the best candidates anywhere in the world, hire them, and successfully onboard them to your team without ever leaving your home office.  

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Cover your playbook to remote source, hire and onboard employees remotely

Set expectations with top remote candidates

When it comes to sourcing and hiring, setting clear expectations on both sides is key to success. In this playbook, learn how to:

  • Adapt your job postings to remote work
  • Prepare managers to support remote teams
  • Set clear 30, 60, and 90-days goals in the onboarding process

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Why onboarding is so crucial!

Once you've found your match and the offer is signed, the onboarding experience is where you will make all the difference in the long run. Download this playbook to access:

  • Pre-boarding tips
  • A 6 step process for successful employee onboarding
  • Onboarding mistakes to avoid

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Download this playbook to learn how HR, L&D, and recruitment professionals can help build this new, hybrid, flexible work-world employees expect.

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For HR and Talent Acquisition teams, L&D leaders, and managers of all stripes, embracing the world of remote work means setting up clear, functional,and dependable systems for sourcing, hiring, and onboarding employees from a distance.

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