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The Total Economic Impact of Livestorm

Learn how Livestorm customers achieved 181% ROI. This independent report by Forrester unveils the cost savings and business benefits enabled by Livestorm. 

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Tackling the challenges of online events

This report analyzes the 4 main challenges Livestorm customers overcame when it comes to online events:

  • Time-consuming processes
  • Multiple event tools
  • Low audience engagement
  • Limited reporting capabilities

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The Livestorm customer journey table with industry region interviewee title and revenueExecutive summary with green infographic ROI and NPVAppendix with definitions of the KPIs PV, NPV, ROI, Discount Rate Payback periodKey findings and quote from food manufacturing, green background
Executive summary

Business benefits enabled by Livestorm

Download this report to learn how organizations benefited from better lead generation & greater efficiency enabled by Livestorm:

  • $273,000 of benefits
  • ROI of 181%
  • Payback period of <6 months

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Download this report to discover key findings from Forrester and access the framework they built to identify the costs, benefits, flexibility and risk factors associated with the decision to invest into Livestorm's video engagement platform.

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