Livestorm's Online Training Toolkit for Healthcare Professionals

Download Livestorm's virtual training templates for healthcare professionals. Set up and host online training sessions like a pro. Take them to the next level!

The templates and checklists you need to host online training for HCPs

Everything you need to organise seamless virtual training sessions

Run efficient and well-structured training sessions for healthcare professionals with this complete kit.

  • Set up your session with the preparation checklist, including privacy-setting tips
  • Make the training interactive with the moderation template
  • Improve your trainings each time with the feedback collection template
  • Measure your success with the KPI dashboard

Make your healthcare training sessions interactive

Engage with your trainees throughout the session and stay on track, by leveraging the moderation template to help you plan interactions, polls, questions, and knowledge quizzes ahead of time.

Improve them continuously by gathering precious feedback from your trainees, and analysing each session's performance.

The online training chekclistCollect feedback post virtual training

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