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We’re on a mission

To build powerful video communication tools that anyone can use

Our story

The world feels smaller than ever. We can talk to people in different time zones, buy and sell overseas, and explore any topic with a few searches. But work and commerce still depends on people’s physical presence. Even in the digital age 97% of business still happens offline, and only 3% of the workforce in the US can work remotely.

In a busy world, simply being there comes at a cost. Not everyone can afford to live near their school, work, or in economic centers. Commuting strains the environment, and sucks up time that many don’t have to spare.

Livestorm was built to level the playing field. We created one accessible video communication platform for any video need. Meticulously designed and easy to use, Livestorm can help anyone connect and grow.


Jun 2016

Our first customer

Headquartered in our CTO’s living room we earn our very first customer

Jun 2017

100th customer

The stars align as we raise our seed round and earn our 100th customer on the same day

Mar 2018

We launch Livestorm Meet

Our browser-based, online meeting software goes live

Sept 2018

500th customer

We gain our 500th customer, and have a client base made up of startups to big enterprises

Jun 2019

Move to Paris

We outgrow our old offices and move to central Paris

Sept 2019

Series A

Our big announcement! We raise our Series A funding round of 5 million USD

Dec 2019

The team doubles

The breakroom gets a little louder as the team doubles to 35 Stormies

We aren’t the architects of Livestorm’s culture. We laid the foundation, sure, but everyone in the team brings the bricks that make up what we’re building now

Gilles Bertaux, CEO and co-founder


Our values

Be resourceful

Be resourceful

We think on our feet and are always on the lookout for clever solutions

Remain Curious

Remain Curious

We’re eager to learn, share and grow across teams

Stay Humble

Stay Humble

​Our approach is about perspective, not ego

Claim Ownership

Claim Ownership

We put things in motion, own our wins and fails, and report transparently

Meet the team

We have folks from over 10 countries and nationalities, and about 1/3rd of the team works remotely.

Join the team

We have folks from over 10 countries and nationalities, and about 1/3rd of the team works remotely.

Join the team

Our Clients

We pride ourselves on supporting our customers every step of the way. We’re already working with brands you know.

Our clients
quote icon
The elegance of Livestorm's UI and its simplicity for creating beautiful landing pages made a big positive impact on the way we communicate with customers at scale.
Stan Massueras

Stan Massueras, European Sales-Director


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People come to us to learn how to do webinars, and we have successfully trained people on the platform. Compared to all the platforms, Livestorm was so easy to use.
Poppy Acton Davis

Poppy Acton Davis, Global Account Manager


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Livestorm allowed us to acquire new customers and offer an alternative to our 1:1 demos. In the past, we hosted a demo using Facebook Live and it created less engagement than Livestorm.
Clément Spiers

Clément Spiers, Lead Generation Manager


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It's so easy to setup and is basically on autopilot to the event. I love the landing pages (they convert like crazy), the emails are beautiful, and the reminders are perfect.
Adam Hofmann

Adam Hofmann, Product development

Singularity University

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We were looking for a simple webinar software that was not over-engineered. If you do a side-by-side feature comparison, Livestorm competes very well with the other webinar players.
Bill Miksich

Bill Miksich, Director of Demand Generation

They talk about us

Livestorm signed 1000 customers without a sales team

En savoir plus

They believe in us