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Simpler, smarter, better webinar software.

We want you to get the most of you webinars. Therefore, we built a new kind of webinar tool focused on lead generation, user experience and design.

Welcome to the 21st century's webinar software.

Live events and meaningful conversations are full of opportunities. They're happening as we speak. You want your business to be part of it. You want to engage your audience anywhere, anyhow on your topics.

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Best webinar software experience

At Livestorm we thrive to build the best user experience whether you are a broadcaster or an attendee. Everyone should rate their webinar experience based on your content not your webinar software.

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Real-time engagement

To engage your audience, you can post polls, answer to questions, sort them by upvotes and have actual conversations with your attendees.

Anyone can co-host

To invite someone on stage with you to speak, pick any attendee and send them an invitation. Once they accept, they immediately go live with you.

Instant replays

Sometimes you just can't make it. With Livestorm your get instant replays after the webinar. Registered attendees can login later to (re)watch your webinar.

Host actionable webinars

Getting data is one thing making some of them and use them is another. With Livestorm you can do great live sessions AND keep the whole team in the loop.

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Qualify upfront

Get some quality data on your audience upfront thanks to our customizable forms. Ask for the company's name, email, job title and much more. Or create custom fields.

Behavioural data

Getting data before the webinar is one thing. Now you can get to know who is your audience from how they behave. Get polls data, session duration and much more.

Exports & integrations

On Livestorm you get your data in good old fashioned CSVs or you can use our custom integrations with Zapier, CRMs or even Google Analytics.

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Here's what you can do with the Livestorm integrations

Show me another use case

Webinar software for any browser, on mobile or desktop.

For the first time, you can actually rely on a webinar software that works 100% in your browser without any restriction for your attendees. They can attend your webinars on mobile or desktop with their favourite browser.

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  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Edge
  • Safari
  • iOS
  • Android
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Webinar UX

  • Unlimited HD webinars

    Do as many webinars as you want. Do them in high definition (depending on your bandwidth).

  • Screensharing

    Here’s a webinar basic. Share your screen with your attendees. Hit a button and that’s it.

  • Browser-based webinars

    Why on earth should you download an app? All you need is a URL and a modern browser.

  • Chat during webinars

    The good ol' chat. We gathered all the best practices to make it super simple to use.

  • Q&A during webinars

    Attendees can upvote any relevant question. Choosing questions to answer just became easier.

  • Custom registration page

    Beautiful design converts better. We generate well designed registration pages. You deserve it.

  • Replay

    Your webinar is automatically recorded. People who didn't show up can view a replay of your webinar.

  • Custom branding

    Your brand needs to be identified in seconds. Add your logo, a cover image and your colors.

  • Guest presenters

    Add guests to your webinar before your webinar and invite them on stage once they have joined.

  • One-click invite on stage

    Invite any attendee to speak on stage with ease. Enable anyone in your audience to share his knowledge or ask questions.

  • Embed forms

    new Got your own landing pages? Embed your registration form. People register on your website and we catch the data.

  • Email invitation

    new Import your contacts and invite them to your webinar with our very simple emailing tool.

  • Media kit

    coming soon Need an image to promote your webinar ? We provide all the images at the right dimensions.

  • Pre-recorded video

    new Share a pre-recorded screencast or any video presentation during your webinar. Just upload and play.

  • Slides upload

    new Sometimes screen sharing just won't cut it. What if you could just upload any PDF presentation? Easier, faster, smoother.


  • Custom registration form

    Need more information on your attendees? Now you can create every custom field you need.

  • Source tracking

    Capture the source of registrations. Get the UTMs and referrers for any webinar registrants.

  • Polls during webinars

    Create polls during your webinars, publish them and see the answers in real-time.

  • Analytics Report

    new After your webinar you can analyze all your data with our powerful analytics tool.

  • Data enrichment

    new Need more info about your attendees? We automatically enrich their profiles.


  • Download...Everything.

    Keep your data home. Download all the data you can get: people, interactions, polls answers. You name it.

  • Integrations with your stack

    Getting data is one thing. Making it actionable is another. We provide integrations with more than 500 apps through Zapier.

  • Iframe mode

    You can choose to integrate a YouTube live, Twitch, Livestream or many other live video streams into your webinar room.

  • Export video to youtube

    coming soon It’s your webinar, your data, do whatever you want. Need a Youtube export? Here you go.

  • Export PDF reports

    coming soon Doing post-mortems is hard. We compile your data, add your logo and voilà: a branded report.