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Livestorm's guide to key webinar and video communication terms.

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An attendee is a registrant that enters the webinar room during an event.

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Automated webinar

Automated webinars can be set-up in advance by the webinar’s host to begin and end automatically.

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CTAs, or call to actions, are online prompts that motivate users to buy, subscribe, download, or provide personal information.

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Custom Webinar URL

A custom webinar URL is a personalized link that helps organizers easily identify and promote their virtual events.

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Attendees dial-in to a webinar or video conference when they connect to the event using a phone.

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Evergreen webinar

Evergreen webinars are on-demand webinars that are always relevant, regardless of when they were published.

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Green room

The green room is where webinar organizers prepare for the live event. It is the same room where the live event will take place, however, it is not being broadcasted to viewers.

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Guest speaker

A guest speaker is a speaker in a webinar who is not affiliated with the team that created it.

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Infinite screens

Infinite screens occur when the screen of the webinar room is shared with attendees, causing a repeating loop of reflected images.

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Latency is the amount of time that passes between an action and a web application's response to that action due to network congestion or network distance.

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Linkedin Webinar

A LinkedIn webinar is an online event hosted on Linkedin, used to educate and engage with audiences.

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Live webinar

Live webinars are interactive webinars that occur in real-time for a live audience.

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On-demand webinar

On-demand webinars are pre-recorded webinars that are accessible at all times via a registration form.

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Pre-recorded webinar

Pre-recorded webinars are interactive webinars that were recorded live and then made available for distribution.

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RTMP stands for Real-Time Messaging Protocol and is a protocol that facilitates the transmission of audio, video, and data in real-time.

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Recurring webinar

A recurring webinar is a webinar that is hosted on a regular basis.

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A registrant is anyone who signs up for a webinar session.

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Web RTC is short for web real-time communications. It is an open framework that facilitates real-time interaction between any devices that support a web browser.

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Webcasts are real-life professional events that are recorded and broadcasted online.

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Webinar API

A Webinar API is the ultimate integration solution for webinar organizers. With a webinar API, you can quickly and easily connect your webinar platform with other services while keeping full control over user data and experience.

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Webinar Invitation

A webinar invitation is a digital call to action for online conferences and meetings. It's a powerful tool used by marketers, businesses, and event organizers to create anticipation and excitement for virtual events.

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Webinar Series

A webinar series consists of a set of online events hosted consecutively, typically on the same topic, for marketing purposes. It includes multiple one-time sessions (or “episodes”) that can be accessed by attending attendees or those who are watching replays.

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Webinar Whiteboard

A webinar whiteboard is a powerful tool for online workshops and discussions.

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Webinar chat

A webinar chat is a discussion between webinar hosts and participants within the confines of the webinar room.

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Webinar dashboard

A webinar dashboard is a central location for data and insights about a webinar.

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Webinar integration

Webinar software integrations connect different tools to a webinar software to create one unified system.

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Webinar live polls

Webinar live polls sample attitudes or opinions towards a certain subject during a presentation.

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Webinar metrics

Webinar metrics help to inform webinar organizers about the success and performance of their webinars.

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Webinar moderator

Webinar moderators help to mediate webinar presentations by supporting the role of the speakers and host.

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Webinar questions

In a webinar setting, questions can be submitted throughout the presentation to give attendees a way to interact with hosts.

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White Label Webinar

A white label webinar is a customized event tailored to the organizer's brand, hosted on a third-party platform without any external branding or advertising.

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Youtube Webinar

A Youtube webinar is an online event hosted through Youtube, where hosts can create a livestream and engage with their audience in real-time.

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