Video Conferencing for Media and Entertainment

Media is breaking barriers online. Create dynamic events and broadcast them globally with Livestorm.

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Video Conferencing for Media and Entertainment

Great media companies use Livestorm


Engage your audience in new ways

Livestorm helps you create high-quality events that engage your audience. Use your sets, equipment and existing infrastructure to integrate Livestorm technology with ease.


higher attendance rates on Livestorm.*

Livestorm's attendance rates are higher than the industry average. Virtual events engage participants, encourage attendance and track real results.

*Livestorm customers report, 2021


Create and share brilliant content

Discover a new way to create and broadcast media. More than just a video platform, Livestorm comes pre-built with every tool you need to scale, communicate or engage your audience. Access detailed analytics, add paywalls, and create engaging presentations.

Detailed reporting

Discover a dynamic way to track and analyze viewer data. Access your data in your dashboard, and export what you need. See who attends, how long they stay, and find the results to your polls and chats, all in one place. Detailed reporting shows you who has registered, if they have seen the replay, and more at a glance.

advanced analytics online event

Engagement features

It's easy to create dynamic events. Simply upload your media files, videos, or slides and present what you want. Or, share your screen with your audience. Built-in poll, chat, and question tabs enable hosts, partners, and the audience to participate during virtual events.

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Flexible integrations

It's easy to tailor Livestorm to meet your exact needs. Take advantage of our API to integrate a paywall for on-demand events. Or, use our Zapier integration to connect your favorite tools. Adapt and customize Livestorm to fit various use cases. Our API lets you create an integrated events space with all of the tools that you and your team need.

Livestorm integrations

Perfect for any use case


Consistently praised on review sites

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"The elegance of Livestorm's UI and its simplicity for creating beautiful landing pages made a big positive impact on the way we communicate with customers at scale."

"What I found interesting with Livestorm was the fact there was nothing to install, that everything was web-based. The ease-of-use and UX were also a big plus. It is really efficient."

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"Livestorm is everything I ever dreamed of from a webinar software but couldn't find, You've made online events an experience!"

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