Webinar Statistics

Webinar statistics from thousands of webinars hosted with Livestorm. Understand how your webinars fare against industry standards. Know what ROI you can expect from your webinars. Find out the best day to send invites to your webinars and to host them, and more answers with webinar statistics.

Average attendance ratio by industry

The average registrant-to-attendee ratio from Livestorm webinars, ordered by industry. As you can see, the highest participation rate on Livestorm webinars can be seen in the Pharmaceutical industry (63% participation rate), while the lowest is on the advertising industry at 33%.

Across industries, the average attendance rate that you can expect with webinars hosted on Livestorm is at 46%. Other webinar software brands often announce an average attendance rate of around 30%.

Average webinar duration by industry

This graph shows the average webinar duration in our most represented industries. It gives a good idea of the ideal webinar duration for your vertical.

Generally speaking, we recommend setting a duration between 30 minutes and 1 hour to ensure the maximum engagement possible from your audience throughout the webinar session.

Best days to invite people to your webinars: Tuesday and Wednesday

This graph shows the average number of registrants per day on a scale of 0 to 100 (100 indicates the highest number of registrants).

Tuesday and Wednesday are the best days to send invites to your webinar. As you can see, your email invites will have more impact on both of these days. Sending invites on Thursday can be an alternative if you can't afford to wait for the next week. Unsurprisingly, weekends are a no-go and should be avoided aside from the rare special cases.

Best days to host a webinar: Wednesday and Thursday

This graph shows the overall number of webinars hosted per week day, on a scale of 0 to 100 (100 indicates the highest number of webinars).

Our conclusion is that Wednesday and Thursday are the best days to host webinars. Your audience is likely accustomed to this rhythm and will find it easier to connect when you go live than on other days.


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