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Virtual Events Platform

Organize, promote, and host great virtual events all from an end-to-end platform. Discover how to engage audiences and capture actionable insights with ease.

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    4.7 stars - 700+ reviews

    5,000+ organizations trust Livestorm to host their online events


    Promote, host, and analyze engaging virtual events with an end-to-end platform

    Creating engaging virtual events is easy with an end-to-end virtual events platform, whether you want to host them on-demand, live, or pre-recorded. Experience advanced engagement features like registration pages and analytics.

    Build a promotion machine

    Build a promotion machine

    Livestorm comes pre-built with advanced promotion tools that help you plan and share your event.

    Create engaging virtual events

    Create engaging virtual events

    Seamlessly connect and interact with participants. Organize events with premium engagement features.

    Experience powerful analytics

    Experience powerful analytics

    Livestorm analytics are gathered in your team dashboard for fast analysis. Explore key insights about participants.


    Host brillant virtual events to engage your audience

    Promote with ease

    Host engaging events

    Capture insights

    Custom registration pages

    Improve your registration page to meet your needs. Pre-built pages can be adjusted to make sure your brand shines for each event.

    Implement automation

    Automation makes it easy to send many emails and event reminders at once. Streamline your process with our virtual events platform's built-in system.

    Customize form fields

    Each registration page comes with a built-in form to gather leads for you. Tailor these forms to qualify leads exactly as you need.

    Start in an instant

    Our virtual events platform is browser-based and can be setup in a few clicks from any mobile or desktop. Audiences can connect in an instant.

    custom landing page livestorm
    Share great content

    Share your screen or an app view. Upload PDFs to the room for your attendees to download during events.

    Spark live debate

    Chat with attendees through an intuitive side panel. Watch as questions receive upvotes from the audience in real-time.

    Activate your audience

    Publish CTAs during your live events. Direct participants towards a purchase point, helpful content, or a calendar to book a meeting.

    Gather live feedback

    Prepare polls in advance and send them during your event. Find the results in your dashboard, or export them in CSV for detailed analysis.

    share media during webinar
    Access detailed analytics

    Learn more from your events with detailed analytics. Find out what events performed the best, and track engagements.

    Integrate your CRM

    Add your favorite CRM tool to automatically export data from live events. Make the most out of your events long after they end.

    Analyze contacts

    Find all your contacts under our People page. Get a 360 view of their engagement across different events.

    Access great support

    Browse our detailed help library or chat with a representative in real-time if you're on an enterprise plan.

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    custom landing page livestormshare media during webinarwebinar insights livestorm

    Powerful software. Simple pricing.

    Interested in purchasing Livestorm? Create an account immediately or reach out to our sales team to know more.

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    A free plan to discover Livestorm.

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    Livestorm Premium

    A premium experience to get the full benefits of Livestorm.

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    Livestorm Enterprise

    An enterprise-grade experience with best-in-class service.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How many attendees can participate in my event?

    You can tailor your event attendee limit to meet your needs. Our plans let you select from 100, 250, or 1,000s of attendees.

    How many events can I host per month?

    Livestorm lets you host as many events as you want, without limits. Create an account now and start in minutes.

    What are the technical requirements to use Livestorm?

    You can organize, host or attend Livestorm events in the browser of any desktop, tablet, or mobile device. For best results, make sure that you have a strong internet connection. For more details, explore this article from our knowledge base.

    What are the differences between each plan?

    Livestorm Starter is free of cost and is a great way to test the platform. Livestorm Premium offers a complete experience: pay depending on the number of live attendees and hosts you need. For organizations looking for flexible and usage-based billing, with unlimited hosts, dedicated CSMs, and no licensing costs, choose the Enterprise plan. For more information, check out our pricing page.

    How do I create my first event?

    Create your first event by clicking on "+new event" in your dashboard, adding some key information, and creating the event room. Create your first event here!


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    "We use Livestorm for internal “all-hands” meetings. This way, remote teams and travelling staff are all able to join important meetings from anywhere in the world."

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    "The elegance of Livestorm's UI and its simplicity for creating beautiful landing pages made a big positive impact on the way we communicate with customers at scale."

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