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"Livestorm is easily one of our favorite partners to collaborate with on co-marketing campaigns. The results of our lead generation campaign went above and beyond our expectations. We were able to get 1,000+ high-quality, relevant leads from our month-long campaign. The partnership was very well organized, timelines were fully respected and there was a good level of flexibility to ensure that the campaign benefited both partners equally."

"The Livestorm team was very responsive for the entire integration process, from deciding the scopes to integrate, access to API documentation, to finalizing co-marketing opportunities. As Integromat is an iPaaS service, our goal is always to build an integration that users will find the most useful and we rely on our partners to help with that. Livestorm made that very easy."

"Livestorm’s affiliate program is one of the most successful of the 200+ programs I’m a part of. The team is always there to help, and the product is fantastic."