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Online Courses

Online Courses

Host and record engaging online courses. With Livestorm you can interact with your class through polls and questions during the presentation.

3,000+ companies trust Livestorm to host webinars and online meetings

4.7 stars - 300+ reviews

Highly interactive online classes
Answer questions from your students, live
Make your online classes and MOOCs as engaging as ever. Foster discussions by allowing students to participate in the chat or by asking questions in the dedicated tab.
Live MCQs and Quizzes for your MOOCs
Test your students' knowledge or comprehension of your online class with Livestorm's polls. Show the results live and address them as you please.
Get Teaching Assistants to help
Need help to exchange with the students? Invite TAs to your online classroom so they can answer questions via text, launch quizzes, or even kick disrupting students if needed.
Keep attendance high
Automated registrations and reminders
Livestorm handles the registration pages of your online courses for you. Students receive timely reminders on their classes, helping to keep attendance high.
Keep tabs on class attendance
Gain insights on the attendance of your online classes with Livestorm analytics. Get detailed the stats for any individual student.
Manage your course replays as you like
You're the one in control of your class material. Between making the replays available to every student by default and keeping them private, the choice is yours.
Seamlessly switch to Livestorm
Set up Livestorm in no time
You'll only need a few minutes to create your first online class with Livestorm. Integrate your existing tools or use everything Livestorm has to offer, it's your call.
Integrate Livestorm with all your tools
Livestorm integrates with 1000+ softwares and apps, giving you complete freedom in how you manage your online courses.
Gate your online courses behind a paywall
Start receiving payments from your online lessons today by integrating with any system of your choice (Eventbrite, Stripe, Paypal...).
Online Courses
Create live online courses and build up your community
Experts in any field, trained teachers, and academics can use Livestorm to teach online. Facilitate teacher-to-student interactions and meetings create opportunities for tutoring and close instruction.
Share your skills
Easily create great learning platforms for your community, clients, or the general public.
Create quality resources
Repurpose your ebooks, slides or videos into online courses. Expand your reach and build up your contact list.
Make education accessible
Livestorm is browser-based and easy to join. Students anywhere can connect and learn.
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Online Courses
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