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Live Events

Join from anywhere in the world and create engaging online events, host private workshops, or broaden your reach.
Live Events
Showcase your event worldwide
Livestreaming your event makes it possible for anyone to attend, no matter where they are in the world. Livestorm makes it easy to promote, host, and analyze your events.
Scalable live events
Capture a larger audience by live streaming your event worldwide. The live room scales with attendees, unlike the physical rooms you used to rent.
Learn more from your events
Embed your livestream in our all-in-one platform and benefit from Livestorm's engagement and data-capturing features.
Lower your costs
No more venue fees or travel expenses, you can save costs by using Livestorm as a virtual event space. Get more flexibility and start your event in minutes.

Use Livestorm to run your Live Events

Edit registration pages

Livestorm's built-in registration pages are ready to go for your event. You can customize your page to fit your needs.

Put promotion on autopilot

Schedule automatic emails and reminders. Then send them directly to your registrants to ensure a high attendance rate.

Collaborate with your team

Invite contributors to help manage the live stream. They can moderate interactions or facilitate the presentation.

Stream on any platform

Present with Livestorm's streaming technology, or integrate any live video streaming platform.

Share engaging content

Share your screen, your slides or even an app view to make your message clear and captivate your audience.

Spark live debate

Launch polls, ask questions, and chat with your audience in real-time with engaging features.

Gather live feedback

Run polls during live events for instant feedback. Export the results at the end of the event for detailed analysis.

Access detailed analytics

Learn more about your live events with Livestorm analytics. See which events perform the best for your audience.

Get to know your audience

Livestorm lets you fully customize your registration form. You are in control of what you learn about attendees.

Learn about attendees

Learn more about attendees and registrants. See if registrants attended, what time they left the event, and if they watched the replay.

4,000+ companies trust Livestorm to host their meetings, webinars and events

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« Livestorm is everything I ever dreamed of from a webinar software but couldn't find, You've made online events an experience! »
Michael Sharkey
« The elegance of Livestorm's UI and its simplicity for creating beautiful landing pages made a big positive impact on the way we communicate with customers at scale. »
Stan Massueras
European Sales-Director
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