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Live Events

Live Events

Join from anywhere in the world and create engaging online events, host private workshops, or broaden your reach.

3,000+ companies trust Livestorm to host webinars and online meetings

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Scalable online events
Stream on any platform
Use Livestorm's streaming technology or integrate any live video streaming platform.
Keep the traffic coming
Livestorm scales with participants. Extend the reach of your event worldwide by live streaming it.
Scale your team too
Invite contributors to help manage the live stream. They can moderate interactions or facilitate the presentation.
Networking and interactions, online
Livestorm facilitates online interactions. The questions and chat tab let participants get answers about their important topics, or network with other participants.
More data on your events
Analytics on your live events
Livestorm's dashboard is full of actionable insights on your participants. If you host a series of conferences, learn which ones did well and which did poorly.
Data on your participants
Livestorm also gives you insights on participants and allows full customization of your signup form, allowing you to decide which data points to keep track of.
Crowdsource data from your audience
Run polls during your live event to crowdsource data from your audience. Export the results and analyze them after your event is over.
Reliable, simple infrastructure
We handle the logistics
Add paywalls, send automated emails for confirmations and reminders, automatically send the replay recording... There's everything you need for a smooth remote event.
Make considerable savings
Going online helps you save on physical infrastructure. Don't worry about renting a room and the tools necessary to power a presentation.
Fully trust the technicals details
Livestorm is a tried and tested solution, already trusted by hundreds of customers from all backgrounds. Livestorm can fit any kind of live event.
Live Events
Showcase your event worldwide
Livestreaming your event makes it possible for anyone to attend, no matter where they are in the world. Livestorm makes it easy to promote, host, and analyze your events.
Scalable live events
Capture a larger audience by live streaming your event worldwide. The live room scales with attendees, unlike the physical rooms you used to rent.
Learn more from your events
Embed your livestream in our all-in-one platform and benefit from Livestorm's engagement and data-capturing features.
Lower your costs
No more venue fees or travel expenses, you can save costs by using Livestorm as a virtual event space. Get more flexibility and start your event in minutes.
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