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Spendesk Uses Livestorm for Internal and External Events

Adrien Gaucher, Sales Manager, explains how Spendesk uses Livestorm for its product demos, marketing webinars, customer trainings and company meetings.







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Spendesk is a platform that allows companies to easily manage and pay their business expenses. With this solution, companies can have access to payment cards, expense reports, budgets, and pre-accounting in one place. Spendesk is used by over 3,500 companies worldwide.


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Adoption: the HubSpot and Livestorm integration

Spendesk chose to use Livestorm's webinar platform because of its powerful HubSpot integration.

For certain events, Spendesk teams create the registration page on HubSpot and use a Livestorm form to capture contacts. Contact registration and engagement data is then automatically synced between Livestorm's video engagement platform and HubSpot's CRM.

In addition, Livestorm's ease of use also made a difference compared to other webinar software. Adrien explains,

Livestorm allowed us to get started very quickly: we did our first webinar in less than 2 days!

Goal: one tool for all teams

Adrien explains that his sales team first used Livestorm for product demos. The use of Livestorm then gradually diversified to many other use cases.

1. Livestorm for product demos

At the beginning of this project, Adrien needed a webinar platform to create product demos in groups and save time for the Sales team.

He noticed that some of his prospects were small accounts who wanted to get a preview of the platform, without going through a sales meeting. Therefore, rather than creating dozens of personalized sessions for all these prospects, Adrien set up a bi-monthly 30-minute product demo webinar.

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These product demo webinars aimed at small, low-qualified accounts have provided considerable time savings for the Sales teams, who have been able to refocus on key accounts. Adrien was pleasantly surprised to see immediate success: these product demo webinars allowed him to sign at least one customer per session.

As time went by, Spendesk's offer evolved and the sales cycles became more complex. Therefore, the Sales team started using Livestorm for professional, on-demand demos. Adrien explains,

We have deals with 15 people in the decision chain. Sales people use Livestorm to give on-demand demos to team members who are on the deal but don't have time to meet in person.

2. Livestorm for content webinars

Following the product demos organized by the Sales team, the Marketing team started creating content webinars.

Adrien explains that these marketing webinars are usually organized in partnership with other companies (like Travelperk and Payfit). This increases the visibility of the webinars and allows them to reach a wider audience.

These marketing webinars are organized less frequently, but they gather more participants: 300 people on average per webinar.

3. Livestorm for onboarding and customer training

After the marketing webinars, Spendesk went even further! Their Customer Success team began using Livestorm for onboarding and customer training sessions.

This team creates digestible (20 minutes maximum) but recurring customer training sessions. New customers can join them to discover how to get started with Spendesk in just a matter of minutes.

4. Livestorm for company meetings

Last but not least, the Spendesk HR team started to organize both internal and external meetings (or "all-hands" meetings) using Livestorm. Adrien comments:

Livestorm allows us to easily disseminate information, bring up questions, and, above all, share the replay to make the meeting accessible on-demand.


Spendesk's favorite features

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Add your branding to all event assets like registration pages, email cadences, and your event room.

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Sync your data easily thanks to our native integrations with Salesforce, HubSpot, and more.


Engage your audience with fully customizable polls and access the results in real-time.

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Adrien's favorite features are the live engagement features, such as online chat, questions, and polls.

He finds that these features allow him to organize very interactive webinars. Adrien's goal is to make participants feel like they are face to face with the webinar presenter. He explains,

When a participant asks a question, I answer as if I know the person and they were in the room with me. I also use their first name to address them.

Adrien recommends waiting a minute or two before starting the webinar and asking participants to introduce themselves in the chat. This helps to "break the ice".

As for the marketing team, they appreciate the branding features that allow them to personalize emails, registration pages, and the event room.

In addition, the CRM integration with HubSpot is very useful for the marketing team to synchronize Livestorm's participation and engagement data with the contact data in HubSpot.

In the coming months, Spendesk will continue to use Livestorm for its internal and external communication.

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“With Livestorm, the attendance duration is high: 99% of our participants on our product demos stayed for the entire event.”

Adrien Gaucher

Account Manager

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