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MeisterTask Trains Users, Generate Enterprise Leads

MeisterTask is an intuitive and collaborative task management solution. MeisterTask can be used as a stand-alone application or in conjunction with MeisterLabs’ first tool, the leading online mind mapping software, MindMeister.
Munich, Vienna, San Francisco & Seattle.
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What is MeisterTask?

MeisterTask is an intuitive and collaborative task management solution. Using MeisterTask, users can invite team members to an unlimited number of projects, in which tasks are created and tracked from creation to completion using a variety of in-built collaboration and productivity features.

MeisterTask can be used as a stand-alone application or in conjunction with MeisterLabs’ first tool, the leading online mind mapping software, MindMeister.

Since launching in 2015, MeisterTask has been listed as a top app by the Apple App Store, the Google Chrome Store, WIRED, Zapier and many more.

Why are you doing webinars?

We're holding webinars to help our customers better understand our products and connect with the tools in the most productive way. A webinar is the only format where you can personally connect with a customer, while still presenting in front of a full audience.

Our primary use of Livestorm is for running our weekly ‘Introduction to MeisterTask’ webinar, in which we demonstrate the basic functionality of the tool.

We also demonstrate how customers can use MeisterTask to boost team productivity by introducing our workflow automations, for example, how to create tasks via email in a number of seconds.

The Agenda for this ‘Introduction to MeisterTask’ webinar is as follows:

  • MeisterTask Overview (15 min)
  • Workflow Automation (10 min)
  • Adding Tasks via Email (1 min)
  • Tips & Tricks (9 min)
  • Reports & Statistics (10 min)
  • Questions & Answers (15min)

With the ease of delivering a slick and informative webinar with Livestorm, as well as the simple sign up process for webinar attendees, people love to attend the live workshops and our feedback has been amazing. We often will have over 100 attendees, making it a great return of investment in terms of time spent delivering the session.

In addition, we recently used Livestorm as part of an enterprise lead generation campaign, as we invited business leaders in our target vertical to download our expert white paper, before inviting them to attend a webinar on how to turn the white paper’s best practices into action, using MeisterTask.

Livestorm was the perfect tool for this as we were able to quickly and simply share the sign-up link within the email we sent out to potential customers, alongside the download link for the white paper.

Why did you choose Livestorm?

We chose Livestorm for its simplicity and clean user interface. I had tried several online webinar solutions beforehand and had experienced some issues that were eventually deal breakers for me.

With Livestorm, I took the free trial webinar and was convinced. Additionally, Livestorm provide excellent customer support, meaning the two feature requests I did have were quickly dealt with and applied.

Using Livestorm, the software runs so effectively that webinars are a breeze to both run and attend. I would absolutely recommend this software and company to anyone who wants to get into the webinar world.

What advice would you give to someone who has never hosted a webinar?

My tips for new webinar users, based on my personal experiences and best practices, would be the following:

  • Present and talk a little slower than you usually would. Internet connection, lag and streaming speed can all influence your audience's experience. Especially when presenting new information during a webinar, everybody should have enough time to process it.
  • Define and work with a Q&A section to, on the one hand, keep the presentation professional but, on the other hand, help your customers understand how the product applies specifically to their use case.
  • Involve your audience by using live polls and refer to audience members by their provided names when you answer their questions. This way, your webinar will be much more authentic.
  • Get a professional USB microphone. They start at $100.00 and make a big difference.
  • Record your webinar for your audience. This way they can re-watch it if you missed my first point ;-) Audience members can then also share the webinar with their colleagues.

How do you promote your webinars?

We promote our webinars in a number of ways, via our social media channels (predominantly over Twitter and LinkedIn), within our lead generation email campaigns and via Sales emails for specific product pilots, verticals or more advanced webinars.

However, we’ve found the most effective way is by reaching out to all our new users, after a given period of time, to help them get the most of our products.

This works best as our users are still new and engaged with the product and the webinar helps us to bring them up to speed.

With Livestorm, I'm finally happy and not only with their software, also with their amazing and blazing fast support. Try the free webinar and you will be convinced.
Oliver Huebler
Vice President of Sales

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