Build Livestorm Plugins

Whether you're building for your team or millions, Livestorm plugins make it easy to create engaging events. Access a powerful SDK to create memorable experiences in just a few lines of code.

Be a Livestorm creator

Livestorm's plugin SDK helps you tailor your events to meet your exact needs. Thanks to plugins, developers around the world can build features within Livestorm, without the hassle of learning our codebase.

Build Livestorm

Build it in minutes

Novice coders and experienced developers alike can build Livestorm plugins in a matter of minutes. Connect your audiences, engage participants, and build anything you can think of in a flash.

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Minimal code, big results

Our API makes it easy to create complex live interactions. From WebSockets to WebRTC, we've figured out all of the hard stuff so that you can focus on building great plugins.

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Livestorm integrationLivestorm integration

Integrate with the tools you love

Plugins are the best way to create powerful live integrations with your favorite tools.

Open source plugins

Explore the latest Open Source Plugins

Livestorm's open source plugins were built to inspire. Learn what you can do with Livestorm's plugin SDK, modify what you want, and push the limits with these open source plugins.


Need some help to create a new plugin?

Feel free to visit our documentation for examples and videos to start creating your first Livestorm plugin. We'll also be delighted to help you by email or on Slack.


Ready to build?

Leverage the power of Livestorm and build your own plugins, or explore our API QuickStart Guides.