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Designhill uses webinars for community engagement, retention & growth

Designhill is a creative marketplace for those seeking professional artists and designers.

What is Designhill?

Designhill is the world’s leading creative marketplace that caters to the needs of businesses and individuals alike. Designhill offers an AI-powered logo maker tool, helps business owners hire professional designers, and sources high-quality designs from a community of over 150,000 designers and independent artists from all over the world.

We’ve assisted millions of designers & artists with finding clients and projects. We help creative talent around the world get hired for design projects, showcase portfolios, and work with influential clients. Also, artists can sell their artwork to global customers on Designhill’s print-on-demand online store: Printshop.

Connecting with creative talent

Designhill hosts webinars to share knowledge about different topics related to design, art, entrepreneurship and more. Their goal is to help their community grow professionally. Webinars connect them with vast creative talent from all around the world.

Our goal is to help creative talent from all around the world get hired for design projects and become a part of the global design community.

Designhill webinars are a blend of AMA’s and topic based webinars. The community is actively participating in the webinars, and they’re engaging in a more active way.

These webinars have allowed us to build personal relationships with our members and have real-time conversations with industry experts. Hosting webinars has benefited our community and led to higher engagement on Designhill.

Learning more from webinars

Designhill was looking for the best webinar software available. After comparing all the webinar platforms on the basis of features, cost, and user interface they found Livestorm to be the best option. Livestorm analytics helped them learn about their audience. Plus, they wanted functionalities like auto recording, polls, and on-demand registrations.

Most important are the detailed insights we get from Livestorm. Apart from the features, we love the fact that Livestorm is easy to use and has great customer support.

Leveraging social media in the promotion process

Hosting a vast social media presence with wildly popular instagram accounts, Designhill has a direct line of communication to their audience.

Our major practices to promote our webinars are through social media platforms and email marketing campaigns. Designhill has more than six Instagram design communities like @Logodesignerclub @graphicdesignersclub, @patterndesignersclub etc. We promote our webinars through these Instagram accounts, Facebook, Twitter, and other official handles.

And they don’t just rely on social platforms.

We also have 100K+ email subscribers that provide us opportunities to share interesting webinar newsletters and help generate a better ROI.

Laying out a clear webinar strategy

Designhill knows the importance of preparation for their webinars. It’s important to understand the “why” behind a webinar. They prepare their webinars in advance, creating scripts and checklists to stay on track.

Before you start incorporating webinars in your marketing strategy, have your objectives and expectations clear. Understand what your community or audience is looking for and how your webinar can be valuable for them. Experience matters a lot too.

Finally, reach out to your audience to hear their thoughts.

Once the webinar is over, gather feedback from your audience. They will always help you improve.

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"Designhill hosts webinars to share knowledge about different topics related to design, art, entrepreneurship and more. The goal is to help our community grow professionally. "

Rashmi Rana
Rashmi Rana, Community Management Specialist @ Designhill
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