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Make the Grade

Make the Grade is an agency specializing in digital strategy and Hubspot integrations. They help companies grow through customer acquisition, retention, and loyalty.

Agency specializing in digital strategy consulting, Make the Grade supports you in your growth through customer acquisition and loyalty.
Expert in both B2B and B2C, this agency can help you implement projects such as:

  1. Web design: the rethinking and construction of an optimized towards conversions website.
  2. Marketing: targeting the right audience and generate leads.
  3. Sales productivity: aligning sales and marketing teams with the right CRM, tools, and an effective revops strategy.
Make the Grade Team

Hubspot partner agency, Make the Grade masters all of the platforms' functionalities, and supports your growth through its software integration, consulting, and support services.






Lead generation

Digital strategy agency, and Hubspot integrator, our mission is to support the growth of businesses through the acquisition of new customers, and the retention of existing ones. Together with Livestorm, we help you implement an effective acquisition strategy!

Maud Le Gourrierec, Growth Marketing Consultant at Make the Grade

Maud Le Gourrierec

Growth Marketing Consultant