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A few weeks ago, I answered an interesting question on Quora. The person was asking « Why are there so many online conferencing solutions? ». And has quite rightly pointed out that there was no « winner-take-all » so far.

Here’s my answer with a few more details added.

Web conferencing is a huge market. What scope should we consider?

And by huge, I mean HUGE. And that’s only if you wish to consider solely web conferencing. If you take into account the live streaming market, then you’re facing something gigantic.

This has one obvious consequence: you will face an enormous amount of use-cases and niches.

The person was also pointing out that in other industries, such as ride-sharing, a winner has already been recognized as such.

But unlike ride-sharing, web conferencing is matured with different niches, usages, and needs. Therefore, you will get a constellation of products to fit all those needs.

Eventually, for a « live streaming suite » to emerge, it will take a lot of time and investments.

We are talking about an Adobe-like company. In which every product is incredibly good and legit on its own market.

Web conferencing (webinars, webcasts, etc.) are an edgier tech than you think.

This is probably the important truth do very few people agree with me on. People usually see web conferencing has something common and mastered.

We use Skype all the time, we use phone meetings or live video conferencing from our mobiles. Yet, We are still missing something.

As I was saying, you could mention YouTube, UStream, Skype or even Periscope… but real web conferencing, real live-streaming that provides a real-time, secure, seamless experience and high quality of interactions does not exist yet.

We are working hard at Livestorm to provide such experience to our users. But real web conferencing is not quite ready. Yet.

We believe this is why everybody is doing it (including ourselves). There’s a holy grail to be found.

Plus, with the development of WebRTC, there are even more opportunities to be seized.

Keep streaming.

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