Webinar Glossary

Web conferencing

Web conferencing describes conferences or meetings that are held over the internet in real-time.

What is web conferencing?

Web conferencing describes conferences or meetings that are held over the internet. Web conferencing tools allow for communication to happen in real-time, regardless of location.

Webinars and webcasts are considered to be part of web conferencing.

How does web conferencing work?

Web conferencing takes place over the internet via TCP/IP connections. It can be facilitated through software that is downloaded or web-based. Web conferencing is successful when there is a clear video and audio feed.

Web conferencing vs video conferencing

On the surface, web conferencing and video conferencing seem synonymous, but they have different purposes.

Web conferencing is more group focused. It is ideal for presentations, training, and educational purposes. Web conferences are made to share content like presentation slides or videos.

Video conferencing is live communication between two or more participants held via the internet or a video conferencing platform. Video conferencing is ideal for one-to-one communication, like meetings, negotiations, or discussions.

Features of web conferencing

Web conferencing features are designed for real-time collaboration. Some features of web conferences are:

  • Live streaming video
  • Chat function
  • Whiteboard
  • Questions tab
  • Polls or surveys
  • Screen sharing

Live streaming video

Web conferencing requires a live video stream so that participants can engage in real-time. To make sure that the live video stream will function correctly, it is important to perform a compatibility check before going live.

Chat function

Web conferencing software allows audiences and hosts to exchange with a chat. Chats present an opportunity to hear feedback, troubleshoot problems, and field questions.

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Virtual whiteboards help attendees visualize key information during web conferences. Whiteboards can also be used as a collaborative tool for presenters and participants.

Questions tab

Attendees can ask questions throughout the duration of the web conference. It's a great way to facilitate enagement during a presentation.


Polls or surveys

Polls and surveys allow for presenters to gather feedback immediately. They can use this information at a later time when planning future web conferences. Polls and surveys can be made in advance and deployed automatically during a presentation.

Screen sharing

Screen sharing facilitates instant collaboration during a web conference. Audience members can access content immediately without having to download any files.

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