Webinar Glossary


Webcasts are real-life professional events that are recorded and broadcasted online.

What is a webcast?

Webcasts are real-life events that are recorded and broadcasted online. Webcasts can be round table discussions, presentations with one speaker, or live panels. Any professional event that can happen in front of an audience will also work for a webcast.

Webcasts are oftentimes distributed with webinar software, which makes it easy for hosts to share slides. And since most webinar software has recording features built-in, the webcast can be repurposed and redistributed at a later time.

Webcast vs webinar

Webcasts and webinars are easy to confuse, as they are both online professional events. However, there are a few key differences. Webcasts usually have a Q&A session with the live and online audience at the end of the presentation. Because webcasts have a live aspect to them, all of the normal preparations for event planning will need to be considered. Finding venues, speakers, and making sure the technology is up to par for the streaming component all factor into webcasts.

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Webinars happen 100% online and are highly interactive. Audiences can post questions in real-time, and respond to polls during the presentation. There is no need to find a venue, webinars can be hosted from anywhere with an internet connection.

Webcast vs podcast

Webcasts are sometimes confused with podcasts because they have similar-sounding names. And while they are not the same medium, it is true that they are both valuable tools for marketing and have a "share" factor that makes them reach large audiences.

We've already mentioned that a webcast is a live video stream of an event. Therefore, the critical difference between a webcast and a podcast is that a podcast contains no visual elements. Podcasts are audio files and lack any engagement features present in a webcast like registration pages, chat tabs, screen sharing, automated recordings, and more.

Benefits of event webcasting

Here are a few benefits of webcasts:

  • Less costly
  • More reach
  • Save on travel costs

The ideal use-case for a webcast is an event that can be hosted in a smaller venue and is live-streamed online. The limited live audience can participate with the speakers, while still benefiting from the high standards of a physical event. Event organizers pay less overall, while the reach of any particular event is expanded. Plus, webcasts help to save on travel costs for attendees.

Live webcast software

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