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Choosing the Best Video Conferencing Software: The Complete Guide

Published on February 16, 2021 • Updated on June 3, 2022 • About 5 min. read

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If you’re on a mission to find the perfect video conferencing software for your business, you might be wondering where to begin. Perhaps you’ve already tested out a few different video conferencing solutions, or you’re in the process of planning your first video conference and feel overwhelmed by the available software choices. From determining your video conference’s use case to thinking about which engagement and collaboration tools you’ll require, we’ll go over everything you should consider before choosing video conferencing software.

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What is video conferencing?

Video conferencing refers to a virtual visual and audio exchange between a few participants using the appropriate software. For instance, employees in a particular department at a company could have a virtual discussion from their laptops at home, or an entrepreneur could chat with a client even if they’re thousands of miles apart. Today, countless businesses benefit from video conferencing, as it allows employees to communicate with each other and with clients all over the world.

Getting started with video conferencing

Maybe you need to have a face-to-face conversation with a new client who lives far away, or you want to host a brainstorming session with a few of your employees without bringing everyone into the office. In scenarios like these, video conferencing is the most convenient option for everyone involved. But before you begin planning your first video conference, you’ll need the right software. Let’s explore the features that you should look for as you select video conferencing software.

What makes good video conferencing software?

Today, there are plenty of video conferencing software options. But with so many different versions on the market, you may be wondering what metrics you should use to evaluate the best webinar software. Suppose you plan to invest in video conferencing software for your business. In that case, it’s essential to think carefully about the purpose of your conferences and what kind of impression you want to make on your clients.

Security and stability

Naturally, you’ll want to know that your software is secure and that your communications will remain private. Most video conferencing software will allow you to tighten your security and privacy settings to ensure that your exchanges stay confidential.

Using video conferencing software that does not require users to download the program is generally more convenient for attendees. This also means that the software is subjected to the security of the user’s web browser. To ensure that no unwanted guests can access your video conference, you can set up a gated meeting by requiring registrants to submit a registration form or enter a password. If it feels appropriate, you may want to give your attendees a brief run-down of best practices for digital security before you begin your video conference. For our list of the most secure video conferencing softwares, check out our blog post that covers the top 3 picks.


Going over your analytics after a video conference can help you plan for better virtual meetings and events in the future. Video conferencing software can provide you with valuable data like attendance rates, how long attendees logged in for the event, and whether or not they watched the replay. You can even check out other analytics, like which roles your attendees held in their companies. Some programs allow you to view this data in a dashboard display or export it.

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Engagement tools

If you want to host a successful video conference, you’ll need to choose software with various engagement tools. After all, video conferencing doesn’t have to proceed as a one-way dialogue from the host to the attendees. Engagement features allow everyone to share their thoughts throughout the meeting. And if you’re hosting a video conference because you need feedback on a particular project from your employees or colleagues, these tools will be essential.

The right engagement tools are especially important for hosts who want to foster a free-flowing dialogue between their attendees during brainstorming sessions. Polls allow you to gauge your attendees’ opinions on specific topics quickly. With a messaging tool, attendees can chat with everyone at the conference and alert moderators if they have any problems. Integrating a whiteboard application gives attendees the ability to map out creative projects and contribute their ideas. Plus, virtual backgrounds can add a little pizzazz to business meetings! Engagement tools allow you to communicate effectively and have some fun during video conferences.

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If you plan to go back and watch your video conferences after the event has ended, you’ll want to look for video conference software that records automatically. You don’t want to risk wrapping up a conference only to find that you forgot to start recording! The recording will be saved forever, and you can watch the footage to tweak your approach before your next video conference. You can also repurpose these recordings to send out to registrants who couldn’t make it to the discussion or to include them in future training sessions.


When you’re hosting a video conference, you don’t want to waste precious time fixing glitches - and if you run into a tech issue, you and your attendees might get frustrated. If you wish for your conferences to run smoothly, you’ll need to ensure that your chosen software provides helpful tech support options.

Reliable video conferencing platforms should come with a comprehensive support library with troubleshooting advice for common issues. The host should be able to contact a company technician if they’re having trouble with the software. Ideally, you can contact tech support through a user-friendly help chat tool if you notice a problem. Choosing video conferencing software with accessible tech support will result in higher attendee satisfaction during your conferences.

Team collaboration

Are you hosting a video conference for a business project or creative endeavor? If the attendees need to swap ideas or share files, choose video conferencing software that will allow you to integrate communication and design tools for team collaboration. For instance, the interface design tool Figma will enable teams to create, test, and even ship out new product designs, making it an excellent choice for file sharing and tweaking prototypes. A collaborative whiteboard platform like Miro lets teams host workshops, keep track of virtual brainstorming sessions with sticky notes, and put together design mockups for new products or marketing materials.

Attendees can also share spreadsheets, PowerPoints, and other documents by integrating Google Docs with video conferencing software. Often, screen sharing can be the easiest way for attendees to go over important documents together, so look for software with this capability.

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As you test-drive different video conferencing solutions, pay close attention to the user interface that your attendees will see during your meetings. If you’ll be collaborating with others during your conferences, choosing software with a sleek, professional visual design that allows for custom branding will leave a better impression. Make sure that it’s easy for attendees to join meetings and utilize the available tools once they have logged in.

Trying out video conferencing platforms to find the right solution for your business can be challenging. Still, if you know exactly what to look for, you’ll be able to narrow down your selections and choose the ideal software for your company. By figuring out your likely use cases and taking these guidelines into account, you’ll be ready to host successful video conferences with software that meets all of your requirements!

Video Engagement Quiz
Quiz Quiz

Video Engagement Quiz

Are your event attendees dozing off? Have you reached online event fatigue? Take this quiz to see where you stand and get actionable tips to make your events highly engaging!

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